How to speak to iD Mobile

  • 1 July 2020
  • 5 replies

Does anyone know how to actually speak to someone from ID this is an emergency...

5 replies

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Hi there @Jcorbslly 

Currently speaking you can reach us through here (as you’ve done) -or- through the Live Chat Team on our website (here).

If you’d like to give us a basic rundown of what you’re looking for help with we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have here.

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In May my contract expired, I did not want to extend it further.  since June, there have been attempts to withdraw money from my account.  I have no one to contact because no one answers the phone. I also wrote to me, no one wrote back.  I am asking you to end my contract because I do not use the ID Mobile card.

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Hi there @Anita Gralak 

Had you spoken to someone at iD Mobile to tell us you wished to have your account disconnected?  As you’d need to do that (with any network) in order to bring things to an end.

Any 24-month contracts would simply become a rolling 1-month contract thereafter until we got further instruction from you with what you wanted to do.


We’ll send you a private message here now so that we can assist further with any disconnection request.

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I try to call but no one pick up the phone. there was an information that there was a virus and I should go to the website. I couldn't found nothing. 

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Hi @Anita Gralak,

Hmm I see. No worries, if you can contact our Live Chat Team here, we’ll be sure to take a look into this further.