I have just upgraded, i now have two direct debits. ID has old plan details. how do i fix

ID shows old plan details and old number which I want to keep. I have notification of new direct debit on  new number. I suspect I am going to be billed twice as I seem to have 2 DDs and two numbers. 


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Hello @Not 2 happy,

It sounds like you’ve ordered a new contract instead of purchasing an upgrade, hence 2 Direct Debits.


We’ll get someone to PM you regarding this.




Hi as I expected you have today taken £15.77 for my original Phone account and then 19.99 for my new upgraded phone.  I upgraded through your  ID site I expect This to be painless and for you to sort this out. 
If this is not possible I will return my ‘upgrade’ in store and move elsewhere. I cannot understand why it is not possible to get support. 

Help please. 

Btw I raised this 7 days ago.

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Hi there @Not 2 happy 

From checking the PM’s, we’re still awaiting a reply from yourself with further details to confirm you’re the account holder.  Once you respond there we’ll be able to help with the cancellation/ return of any second-line order you’ve made.

Once all that is tidied up, we’ll be able to either refund you or add a credit to your original account as preferred.

I have have this month upgraded and have had 2 payments taken from my bank account. Why has this happened please?

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Hi @Thepits83, it sounds like you’ve placed an order for a new line rather than an upgrade, which is why you’re being billed twice. 

In your order confirmation email, it should mention whether this is a new line or an upgrade. Could you check for me?

If you’ve purchased a new line and it’s still within 14 days, you’ll just be able to cancel it. If not, we’ll need to transfer your old number across to the new line. We can’t do this internally, but there is a way of doing it.

First thing to decipher is whether or not you’ve purchased a new line. Please have a look and get back to us here.


Thank you,


The order confirmation makes no mention of a new line or upgrade! Order 115760894 dated 15/02/21 refers.

Hope this helps.

Mike Richards

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Hi @Thepits83, is there any mention of a mobile number in the email? If so, is it yours or do you not recognise it?

It may be quicker for you to contact us via Live Chat, as they’ll be able to access your account.


Thank you,


Why cannot I speak to a person about this matter?. I have tried to resolve it via Live Chat, to no avail. My patience is beginning to run thin about this, because I am spending a lot of time on the computer trying to sort it out and getting absolutely nowhere fast.

The telephone number on the order was [edit] but I have put my old number on the new phone [edit].



Mike Richards

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Hi @Thepits83, we’ll send you a private message about this shortly, so please keep an eye out.


Thank you,