itemised bill wrong?

  • 19 February 2020
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Is it possible for an itemised bill to be wrong 

my account dashboard is showing 94 texts sent in the month however there are only 86 on the handset is this possible.  The handset is used by my daughter does this mean that she may have deleted some or can the dashboard/ itemised bill be wrong 

3 replies

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Hi @Dal,

It is probably to do with some text messages being longer than the standard message, meaning they have taken more than one message from the allowances to be sent, but the phone is only showing the one message.

Your dashboard will be showing the correct amount of allowances used as we can only record usage which has passed through our network. Once the itemised bill has been generated at the end of the billing cycle, you should be able to see the usage in more detail. :slight_smile:


It’s a long story but yes I have counted the messages on the handset for the period and they don’t add up to the dashboard on the App.  The itemised bill is not available yet as we are midway through the billing period 

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Hello @Dal,


When you say “only 86 on the handset” do you mean you’ve counted all of the texts sent for a specific billing period or have you got an app measuring this?


The itemised bill would be correct as it logs (for the set billing period) any and all usage. 

So it’s not possible for it to record incorrectly this way.


SMS texts are 160 characters in length.

On older devices, you would reach 160 characters and can’t type anymore, so would have to send and type out a new text.


Modern devices now allow you to type past this mark, so when you reach 160 (or get towards it), you see a character count.

Example: 42/1 which indicates you’re on the 1st SMS with 42 characters left.

It’ll then tick over to 160/2, meaning, you’re onto the 2nd SMS with 160 characters.

This can be done up to 3 times, so 160/3.

This allows you to use: 480 characters instead of 160.


When sending a bulk message like this, it’ll show as 1 SMS in the phone, in terms of the chat bubble, but use up multiple SMS messages (so up to 3 at most). This could be where the extra texts are that you’re not seeing? Simply the phone showing this as 1 SMS, when it’s actually more than 1.


After you exceed 480 characters,  this is usually converted to an MMS message, where a charge of 30p for each MMS is applicable if sent.


Hope that helps.


Is this a SIM-only plan or a handset contract?