ive payed my bill and still unable to make calls or send texts

  • 3 April 2020
  • 7 replies

Due to covid19 I forgot to pay my mobile bill it was payed yesterday and I still can’t make any calls send texts or use data how can I resolve this issue as I have no contact to anyone and call centres are closed

7 replies

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Welcome to the Community. 

Sorry about the issue you’re having. 

If your account was barred, it can take a few hours for the bar to be lifted.  Have you tried resetting your phone every now and then?

If it doesn’t work, give us a shout and we’ll look in to it for you. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Hi I payed my bill and the money he come out of my bank and received an email to say you have received money and my phone still has been done for me to make calls or texts… could you tell my why ? 

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Hello @Naomimarie1989,


Sorry, can you just clarify, are you advising that your services still have not been restored despite making payment or is there another issue you needed help with?



can some one sort out my account please i have payed my bill and still can not make calls or texts emilene henderson  07728611134 hope to hear from you soon 

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Hi @emilene 

Welcome to the iD Community.

Can you please confirm if you’re issue is resolved?



Hi, I have payed my bill 2

 days ago and I have just received an email and text that my account has been suspended,I can not make calls or text. I have a confirmation email of payed and money has left my account. I have a 5days old baby I need to make calls as I can not go outside to get food shopping. Can you please sort out this as am now panicking?

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Hi @Majorie White 

Can you please confirm if you’re account is still suspended?