Monthly Data allowance

  • 20 June 2019
  • 2 replies

My monthly data allowance has gone down from 10gb a month 7gb when I haven't changed anything. I am still being charged the same amount, for less data! I have a monthly SIM only.

2 replies

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Hi @chopfreak

I did not hear about iD Mobile changing allowances on Sim Only deals. I would recommend you to send an email to regarding your enquiry so they can look at your account.

Remember to include your community nickname, full name, mobile number and date of birth.

Kind Regards
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Thanks Hikari
Yes chopfreak, it would be good if you could send us your details so we can explain this situation.

Your data allowance can vary at the beginning of the month due to the amount of data that has been rolled over, could this be the reason?