My phone line keeps dropping calls

  • 25 July 2020
  • 9 replies

The phone line keeps dropping after a few minutes with a message that I am not authorised to dial that number, although I am and have been speaking to the person on that number for a few minutes already.

9 replies

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Hi @John Maw,

We are sorry to hear about that issue; it certainly is a strange one. Do you see any issues with coverage if you were to pop your postcode into our coverage checker here?

Feel free to reply with your postcode if you want us to check the coverage on our network mast checker too.



I have the same problem.  I was speaking with my doctors surgery and suddenly got a voice message to say I did not have access to that number.  Fortunately I was able to reconnect with my landline but if I had been away from home that would not have been possible.  The phone number is an ordinary 01 number

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Hi @mary 16,

Have you experienced any coverage issues recently?

Is this the first time that the issue has occurred? 

It may be worth checking the coverage in your area but let us know if this issue persists.



It's not the first time but today I was at home and only rang the surgery about a mile away. Hardly somewhere I would expect to have problems however I have noticed that I often have a poor signal especially recently x

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Hello @mary 16,

It could be planned maintenance or a problem with the mast that’s causing this.


What’s the full postcode of the area, if you’d like us to take a look that is.



Postcode SS7 5NB

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Thanks @mary 16 


The signal looks fine to me in that area. Is it several numbers, or just the doctors surgery that you have issues with?



Just happened to get the problem the other day, with that call.  Have previously had problem with ringing Shropshire and Leigh on Sea. Not sure about anywhere else. It usually sorts itself out if I ring back or they ring me even immediately.  It is just frustrating.


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Hi @mary 16 

Not since May 20th 2020 would have had expected any potential disruption, that’s the last time any sort of tinkering was done at the local mast there.  If that’s where you had been when you tried to call the doctor’s that is?

If you ever notice problems again, if possible, try popping your SIM in another phone to see if that helps at all.

It would be worth knowing if this is happening with the SIM/ iD coverage -or- if this problem is perhaps localised entirely to the phone you are currently using.