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  • 2 October 2020
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I need help!! In July I upgraded from my old phone to my new phone, I unknowingly took out that new contract in a different name, therefore having two separate accounts. My old phone officially ends on October 21st, I’m sure and it still has my number, but my new phone also has that same number, so when I try to contact id, when I tell them my number they relate it to my old phone. I don’t have an account yet for my new phone as my old one is using my number and email. I need to just explain this to a human being that works at id but it’s so hard to get through to someone without giving your id customer number or your mobile number, both are connected to my old phone. Someone please help as I’m now in £79 debt for my new phone as I can’t get through to pay it!!

1 reply

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Hi there, if you’d placed an upgrade order, everything would have just been put through on the same account. So you have the new phone, but you’re using your old number on it, is that right? You just popped your old SIM into the new phone?

it sounds like you’ve actually placed an order for a new line rather than an upgrade, so you’re being billed for two lines, one of which is a new number. When you say you unknowingly took the contract out in a different name, could you elaborate for me? 

Did you not receive a confirmation email when you placed the order? This should tell you whether it was an upgrade or a new line.


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