Overcharged for UK text from premium number "85088"

  • 29 June 2019
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I just noticed that for the last 3 months bills I have been charged £4.50 for text messages to a number (85088)
Wy is this happening?, and how can I stop being overcharged?

4 replies

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I think you might have set this up as a discussion rather than a question but to stop being "overcharged" is to not text a premium number, like 85088
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Hi @Oliver0101

This is a scam service, anyone could become a victim here, I had this problem too. It is enough to click in a dodgy banner that may look legit at first. In my case it was Slidejoy app that promised money for adds on lockscreen but signed me up thing like this.

You can go to this website https://psauthority.org.uk/for-consumers/service-checker
And when you type the number there it will tell you all information who is charging you for this scam and how to stop it.

Kind Regards
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Hi @Oliver0101

Unfortunately, we cannot stop these charges for being applied as it is a different company charging you for the service.

If you visit the link @Hikari provided, you should be able to input the number and locate contact details for the company applying these charges.

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We've got more info on this subject here: