Paid bill in full but have services restriced

  • 2 January 2020
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I paid my ID mobile bill last month in full, however 3 days ago i recieved an email title 31-60 days collections and a text message to say my services have been restricted. So at moment i cant call text or use internet. Spoken to customer services who acknowleded there was an error. However 3 days later still cant use my phone.

Ive got my next bill due to be paid next week however am a bit begrudged to pay it whilst my connection is off, also though i dont want to go down the whole them chasing for money as their side seems very automated.

Any thoughts on next steps to take?

1 reply

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Hi there @PGHULME  we’re sorry to see you’ve got this problem, was the bill overdue at all when it was paid?

Were you given any information on what error was recognised?


If you can please email us your account information to we’ll be able to look into this to see what needs to be done.