Sim only never activated or used. Account cancelled still getting emails.

I ordered a sim only sim card from you. I never used or registered it and cancelled before it arrived as it was delayed in getting here.

I chatted online with one of your agents who cancelled the account for me.

I am still getting emails saying my bill is ready etc.

The account was never used so there should be nothing to pay or refund.

I have no wish to set up an online account just to sort this.

In order to ensure you don’t take any money from my account I have cancelled the DD.

Please just cancel the account and remove my details from your database.

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Hello @cliver,


SIM cards are activated upon dispatch so would be working from when we send it out.

We’ll need to check the account to find out what’s happened. I’ve PM’ed you with how we can get this sorted.



I’ve sorted it via online chat thanks.