Some bizarre has happened to my data allowance

  • 7 January 2020
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Two days ago I received a message saying I had used all my data (1.3GB) and I need to purchase more.

This is bizarre because my usage and behaviour has not changed. I normally use no more than 100MB per month and rollover 900MB. At home and work I used WiFi and when comuting I use WiFi on the train. Outside of those I run my Gmail app, Facebook, Met Offie app, National Rail app and Whatsapp on mobile data. There is NO background updating of my apps. I NEVER, for example, download Whatsapp videos or pictures except on WiFi. I don't stream audio or movies. My phone usage is as basic as it comes in the 21st century.

Yet I was told that I used 1.33GB of data in a month! Yesterday I bought an add-on of 100MB and today my allowance was refreshed but even before the day is over it is already showing that I have used 300MB - triple what I would normally use each month. Something is terribly wrong. These figures are just not correct.

Is it possible please for me to get a detailed list showing how much data I have allegedly used each day during the billing period?



3 replies

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Hi @TerryA,

I am sorry to hear about the issues surrounding data usage. Our system can only count data that has been used by the phone, so it might be possible that data has been used in the background, or when the WiFi connection may have dropped out unknowingly.

Some phones have a section within the settings whereby the data usage of each app is recorded and this can be viewed to see if any apps have been using more mobile data that you would normally expect. If you take a look at this setting, does this help identify a particular app?

Please contact us  if you still require us to take a look so we can obtain some details in order to view your account.


Hello Ryan,

Thanks for your reply.

The only meaningful start to determining the reason would be to examine the daily data usage that you hold for me otherwise the things you suggest remain only hypotheses and this approach will not determine the source of the data leak.

Therefore, it comes right back around to my original request which I do not believe you have answered: Can you or can you not provide me with a daily data usage for the billing period in question? That will allow me to investigate where the leak occurred. I have evidence for where I was on each day and hour of the billing period and I can begin to piece together a picture that will allow me to find out what happened or did not happen.

So my question still stands. Are you able to provide me with a daily data usage for the last billing period?




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Hi Terry,

Yes, you can find your daily data usage in your bill. Head over to the breakdown section and look for ‘Mobile internet browsing’ - you can then see a list of your data usage per day. 

Let us know if that helps!