struggling to pay my bill

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My bill is outstanding and I'm struggling to pay the bill at the moment due to the Covid-19 as I'm in isolation, its not affordable to pay the bill at the moment,buying food shopping which has increased more with my children being at home 24/7 as there not in school till September now ,so more meals are being prepared. As my phone as being restricted and cut of I am now unable to be in contact with my family as I can't t just go an visit now for a while,and it's hard enough not being able speak to them properly.

So I'm just wondering if I'm able to get any help with my bill.

we are all in the same situation and dealing with some life changing circumstances hope all is ok and staying safe.

And look forward to a response 

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Hello @Will 10m,

I’m sorry to hear that.


It’s definitely something we can look into further.

We’ll need you to contact us directly for this.


If you could please send us an email along with your Community username and a link to this topic.

We’ll pick this up,



Hi mohammed, 

     I also want to ask for help about my bill as my work is close till further notice due to coronavirus. If im honest im going to struggle making a payment as ill be out of cash to buy food for my family. Please help as im stressing out on what to do. Thanks in advance. 

Hi Mohamammed,  I am also struggling to pay my next bill as I am self employed with all my bookings cancelled for the forseable future as I provide music sessions in care homes. I would also like to know whether I can freeze payments for the time being as this is my sole income and I will be struggling to pay for anything!


I'm in the same boat too and need my phone to call family 

I am in the same situation. I cannot afford the bill with the current situation and extra costs with kids off school. But I need my phone to keep in contact with family to make sure they are safe.


Is there anything that can be done, let me know please.

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Hi @Coral123 @Joeboii @Alyjab @Jesciele 

We’d need you to contact us by email -or- reach out out to us through our Facebook or Twitter pages.


As things currently stand, no bills would disappear.  We can simply make a note and arrangement for you to have an extended window to potentially pay the bill.  


need to ask under the crisis what ID are doing if we go over our allowances as need to make more call re issues due to been at home and thus no pay etc 

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Hey @Aayush10,

I am very sorry to hear about your change in circumstances. I have moved your post to this thread which has further information which should help with obtaining support at this time.


i have also sent an email to this email address


which thread as the post been moved to 


Hey @Aayush10,

I am very sorry to hear about your change in circumstances. I have moved your post to this thread which has further information which should help with obtaining support at this time.


which thre

ad ?

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Hi @Aayush10,

Not to worry, I had already moved your post to this thread as the answer was above. Thank you for sending us an email; we will respond to all messages sent to us as soon as possible.


The email address is working won’t let me send 

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Hi @Lisarandell1 

I’ve sent you a direct message with further information.


Hi, I was told I'd been given a 90 day payment holiday, Yet I've been charged today...This is after being reassured that the payment holiday was definitely in place, This has now put me in financial difficulty!!!

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Hi @xxwalkersxx 

Am really sorry to hear this has happened. 

I have sent you a private message with more information. 




Hi I’m having trouble paying my bill tomorrow as a change of circumstances due to COVID 19. I have never missed a bill and always pay on time or early. I really need help with an extended window as I need to keep in touch with family. Is there any advice on this please. 


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Hi Steve,

We are sorry to hear about your situation. We will have someone PM you right away so we can have something sorted for you to help with the payment window for your bill.



Hi thanks for your reply will they email me or will it be on here and sorry the bill was due today but I haven’t got the funds will this be sorted soon as I don’t want the line cut. 

thanks for you help and reply 

Hi I have had a rely stating they want my details how do I provide them as it’s not giving me an option to reply to there message 


Mobile number 07403249026

Can you advise me on how to reply to the personal message it’s not giving me the option to 

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Hi @Steve1990, I’ve edited your above comment to remove all record of your personal information. Please refrain from openly sharing sensitive information that could be used to identify you. 

The iD Support account wasn’t following you, which may be why you weren’t able to respond to the private message. I’ve now rectified this. You may need to follow the iD Support account too before you can reply, by following this link and tapping ‘Follow’


Thank you,