Tariff price increases?

  • 29 April 2018
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My daughter has a phone contract with iD. She has not exceeded her monthly allowances for calls, messages or data. Her basic monthly charges are now showing as being £10.38 as opposed to the £9.99 which we were paying when the contract began in September 2017. We have had no notification of any planned increases in tariff so why are we now paying more?

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3 replies

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Hello @angharad88,

The Retail Price Index (RPI) increase is part of your Terms & Conditions which you would have agreed to at the point of purchase. We've got a page that has some further information on this here:

It's disappointing to hear you feel this way.

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Hey @Sophieannmarie,

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You can find all the information relating to the Retail Price Index on

After seeing my bill increase I have read the RPI information but I am very disappointed as I was not notified about this at all. No email, text etc so I'm fairly annoyed that all of a sudden I'm expected to pay more without any notification.