Text from 66299 been charged £4.50

  • 22 May 2020
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Can anyone share advice on what to do ? Never heard of company, let alone signed up for anything

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Hi @Newbuck,


iD Mobile does not directly charge you for this so we're not able to provide a refund. The subscription charges us which we place onto your bill. 

The text subscriptions are only signed up from the user end not by the network so we're not able to stop these or unsubscribe. To stop the subscription by texting them back incurs a charge but it will stop any further messages.

There's a regulatory body called the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) who regulate these. If you believe that this was signed up in error and are disputing the charges, you can make a complaint via the PSA here:

PSA should be able to help further as well as give you more information on this. They will be able to help you stop receiving further subscriptions as well as assist in recovering any monies paid. 

Please also see the following article: