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  • 30 June 2019
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Hey. I've not been on for a while. Uh oh. Oh well. This may seem dumb but here we go.
Does texting people on Whatsapp use up your text messages or just your data?

Best answer by Gregor 30 June 2019, 23:06

Hey @gearbox162

It is using only your data. It does not use your text allowances at all.

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Hey @gearbox162

It is using only your data. It does not use your text allowances at all.

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I am hoping someone can help.


I have a UK sim with ID, i activated whatsapp when i was in UK, I then moved to Cairo.


All was working fine, until i removed my account and installed it again, its been two days now that I am not able to get a verification code or call from whatsapp altough my roaming service is working and i am getting calls and texts on the number.


Does anyone knows, if i need to get a replacement sim and activate whatsapp again in the UK and then have it sent to egypt?


i hope someone knows.



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Hello @rena_b86,


I don’t think the issue here is down to a faulty SIM.

Is the number you’re configuring in Whatsapp correct and matches the current number?

Have you tried this in another phone at all?


Are you temporarily in the UK or have you moved out of the UK?

Our SIM cards are not designed for permanent residence abroad (which is a separate issue, but figured I would mention this).


Hi Mohamad,


I have tried it in another phone yes, it did the same issue.


I left UK in mid March but due to corona and family matters, i didnt travel back.


I have another sim with vodafone, i didnt face same issue with whatsapp, i recieved a verification code and call easy.


I agree with u on the residence abroad I faced an issue with the vodafone sim where i could not make calls but i can receive calls. I spoke to them and he said the max period outside UK is 4 to 5 month.


They ordered a new sim and asked to activate it in the UK and then get it shipped to cairo.


I kindly ask for your assistance, as whatsapp is the only means for me to talk to my parents, in Lebanon and UK.


I tried calling you to speak to an advisor but its all automated machines ..

Appreciate your quick reply

Dear Mohamad,


I forgot to mention, that your sim card is actually still working and recieving calls and texts.


I turned on roaming services and international services today but i cant seem to get whatsapp verified on id mobile num

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Hi @rena_b86,


Did you activate your Whatsapp account on another device? You mentioned removing it is all, why was that?