The VAT is being charged to my bank

  • 6 March 2021
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I pay £25.99 each month but for the past 5/6 months or so I have been charged an extra £5 approx so my bill is either £30.26 or £30.66.  The first price is when they add my VAT onto my bill and the second is because I realised that it was charging me because of this 88822 service thing which charged me £1.50 for every text message they sent. I texted STOP to it however ID is still charging me extra now because of the VAT it seems and also the 88822 still appears to be texting me according to my downloaded bill. I am really confused and just want to pay the price I signed up for and I can’t contact ID over the phone to explain it better. Please help! 

6 replies

On my bill this month it says: 

Monthly recurring charge: £21.38

UK: £3.83

VAT: £5.05 

Total charges: £30.26 

This is why I believe my bill this month is a result of the VAT being charged to my account because I added it all up, but my bill is supposed to be £25.99 - just really confused

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Hello @Scout,

All of the bills are broken down without VAT and added after.

You still pay the agreed monhtly rate, it’s just how our bills are laid out as a requirement.

If you pay £25.99 per month for your plan and the total bill is £30.26, then this month a total of £4.27 has been accrued for out of plan spend.


We just record this as £21.38 for the plan

£3.83 for your out of plan usage.


Then for the VAT we just combine it, but essentially that would be £4.61 VAT for the plan and 44p VAT for the out of plan spend.


In regards to the premium messaging subscription, you can find info on this here:

If you did not sign up to this service you may wish to speak to the company directly to get a refund.

The PSA are the ones who regulate these premium messaging companies.


Also note, on your bill, we charge line rental for the month in advance, but the usage is for the month before that’s already gone.




Thank you for your reply. So is the VAT that’s being added just my out of plan charges just to clarify? I’m not sure where the out of plan charges are coming from though as these don’t appear on my downloaded bill and I haven’t exceeded any limits or anything. The only things that do appear as chargeable are the text messages from 88822, but if I add these up it doesn’t equate to what’s being added to my bill. Thank you again! 

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Hello @Scout,

If you download the PDF bill, you’ll need to scroll down to the next few pages and this will show an itemised list of what you were charged for.

Whatever you use out of plan is what’s charged on the bill. it’s just the way the bill is recorded.

So you incurred £4.27 worth of out of plan usage, it’s just split to show the price before VAT and then after. 


So if we didn’t split VAT, then your bill would have read as:

Monthly recurring charge: £25.99

UK: £4.27

Total charges: £30.26 


Check the pages further down on your bill but if you’re still having trouble with this, we can send a PM and check the bill and advise.



Please can I send a PM? It’s just because I can’t see where my out of plan charges are coming from even though I did scroll down. Thank you. 

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Hello @Scout,

No worries, I’ll PM you now so we can pick this up for you.