Unfair treatment

  • 2 January 2020
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Hi, I ordered an iD sim only on 2nd Dec 2019, I received my SIM on the 5th, obviously unlike other networks the SIM is shipped active and I had to pay for 3 days of of usage even when it’s impossible for me to use it. Now worries I thought, but that is only the start of the unfair practices of iD mobile.

Soon after during the Christmas period, there was a problem with the network in my area (it also included Three and O2 networks WF12 area) and I was busy and unable to do anything about it, I thought it would be fixed within a week. It was not.

Being tired of this I ordered a sim from another network promptly and used the iD website to request my PAC code - it gave me the wrong PAC code (no joke!)...so I was further delayed in switching to a working network. I had to call customer services that also gave me the wrong PAC initially until they realised, and proceeded to find the right code for me. This meant that I couldn’t use the code in time and my contract would restart (on the 2nd) before my number was transferred due to the 1st of Jan holiday, and when my number was ported on the 2nd, iD decided to charge me for another entire month, when again it was impossible for me to use a single bit of that service I am paying for.

The fair thing to do would be to start the contract on the day the SIM is received like any other network, and I wouldn’t have to pay for an extra month that I can’t possibly use, as my account was scheduled to be discontinued on the same day the contract renewed. At the very least they could have downgraded my contract to something cheaper, or adjusted the billing period by 1 day. Unfortunately customer services were unable (or unwilling) to do anything.

The entire reason I went with iD was because of the reasonable prices (financial issues), and now I ended up paying for 8 weeks of service when I actually only received about 2-3 weeks.

I feel cheated.

Is there anything that I could do, or anything iD mobile can do?


3 replies

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Hi @Mrip2 , sorry to see that you’ve had a disappointing experience with us.

Our SIM’s are sent out activated to prevent any delay with being used when they arrive.


It’s unfortunate that you’ve experienced signal issues in your area, we work hard to maintain service but this can’t be guaranteed at all times as there may be issues out of our control. We do offer WiFi calling on many handsets to help coverage.


We apologise for the delay in you receiving the correct PAC, however, once this is used, your service will be ended and if you’ve been billed for the month in advance, this will be refunded to your bill so you are only charged for the time the SIM is active.



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Hello Phil, 

I have an email from iD mobile that says I will be billed for the next month, as my contract already restarted on the same date my number was transferred. Why is there no mention of a refund?

I don’t believe it’s a bill in advance, it’s just the bill for the entire month when I’ve only “used” 1 day, which I technically haven’t. That’s what I find to be unfair, especially considering it wasn’t my fault due to the PAC code error etc.

Can you also look into why the My iD account gave me the wrong PAC code and therefore delayed the whole process further, I was also initially given the wrong PAC code over the phone as well.

It would be great if you could help me sort this problem out, ideally I would like iD to cancel the last bill, since obviously I haven’t (and can’t) use the service at all because my number has already been transferred. I don’t understand what’s going on with the billing on my account.

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Hi @Mrip2 

You will be billed as normal until your account is disconnected. After the disconnection, on your final bill you will see the refund.


Please can you contact us directly so we can investigate further?