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Call charges to 0203 number

  • 9 July 2020
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I’m on a pay monthly plan - with plenty of minutes remaining, but have my ‘extra usage cap’ set at £0.


I’ve just tried calling an 0203 number, but i get a recorded message saying that my account has insufficient balance to make this call - suggesting that an 0203 number isn’t included in the call plan - which surely isn’t correct?




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9 replies

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Hi there @kc9403 

If the number is simply a regular ol’ personal landline number then their shouldn’t be any issues.


Is the number in question a hospital bedside number -or- one associated with a business?  It would only be blocked in the way you experienced IF it was chargeable.

Hi @Kevin 

Thanks for your reply - it’s a number i don’t recognise - so I have no idea - the first 7 digits are 020 3435 xxxx - is there any way to tell?

Surely a user can’t be expected to know whether a number is chargeable or not, when it appears to be a regular London 020 3 number?


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Hello @kc9403,

02 numbers are inclusive in your allowances like 01 and 03.


It’s possible that the number is disguised to look like a standard 02 number but is actually an international one.

Have you tried Googling the number to see what company it relates to?

Have you definitely got inclusive minutes remaining?



Hi @Mohammed,

Thanks for your suggestions - Not sure how the number could be disguised, it’s starts 020, and is followed by exactly 8 digits, as you would expect for a London number.  I’ve even tried dialing it manually, rather than calling the entry in the missed calls - but get the same result.

Yes, i’ve tried googling it, but nothing of any use is found.

Yes, i’ve got inclusive minutes - as i can make other calls. As an experiment, i’ve just googled a random pizza place with a phone number starting ‘0203’ - and that rings just fine!


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It might be worth blocking the number @kc9403 

If it’s not a call you’re expecting, then it could potentially be part of some scam.

Usually googling a number would be a good source of information, though if it’s a new thing then there might not be information online yet.


Yes, i’m sure you are quite right that it probably is a scam - however it just raised an interesting question that apparently you can’t tell if a number is included in your inclusive calls or not - ie you can ring a seemingly included 020 number, but you may be charged for it, at some unknown rate.   I only discovered that this was a chargeable call because I have my usage cap set at £0, so the call was refused.


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Hello @kc9403,

You can usually make out these numbers but can be very deceptive indeed.

For example, non-standard numbers which are chargeable but look like normal UK numbers.


Standard UK mobile numbers, 01, 02, 03 & 0800 numbers are included in your plan.




Hi @Mohammed 

Well, this is most definitely a 02 number (followed by 9 other digits) - but it’s certainly not included in my plan.  So there must be a list of exceptions for 02 numbers too.


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Hi @kc9403 , we don’t have a list of scam numbers, but we advise blocking them once they're brought to your attention.






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