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Can't send message with iD mobile error 28 to short number 88300

  • 27 April 2019
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Hi, I received a text from 88300 (virgin money credit card security check )after making an on line purchase. The text asked me to confirm that I recognised the transaction by replying Y or N. When I tried to reply, I get a message saying ' can't send message with iD mobile error 28'. I therefore had to ring the credit card company and go through security to confirm that I had made the purchase when I should have just been able to send a text to confirm this. Please advise why SMS replies to 88300 do not work as this could result in customers credit card transactions being blocked or rejected if they cannot reply to the security text message. I'm using Android operating system on Moto G6 handset.

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3 replies

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Hi @Natjl67,

We're sorry to see this. Often, short code numbers are automatically blocked as many carry a charge. Have you been able to message these types of numbers in the past?

To make sure everything is in order to allow you to contact these numbers, please ensure that there are no premium number bars on your account, as well as within the settings of your phone. You may want to increase your bill cap too to see if this helps.

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Hi Ryan, thanks for this. I've just checked the settings on my account and can see that the Extra usage charges are already set at £10 but the Premium feature was switched off so I've changed that to On now. Hopefully this will resolve the issue.
Thanks again for the prompt reply. I will let you know if I have any more issues with this in future.
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Hey @Natjl67,

Thanks for letting me know! That should help with any issues surrounding messages to short code numbers and if it doesn't please get back in touch here.



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