cant acess account to pay bill HELP

  • 21 May 2021
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I have been trying to pay an outstanding bill for a previous number since 30/4/21 and I can’t access my account to do so. 

I longer have access to the sim in question so when I click forgot my password I cannot retrieve the code sent to the SIM card. 
When I call up the number 0333 003 0001 it doesn’t give you the options to pay a bill outside of the number your calling from (my latest number is with id also) and because their is no outstanding amount on my current number it just says something along the lines of “we can see your up to date with your payments” and just hangs up. There’s no options for paying a bill for another number. The number 7777 is just as unhelpful and does not give you the options to pay a bill for a number you haven’t got access to.

I received an email saying “Your account is now overdue for payment and your iD Mobile services have been restricted. Please arrange to clear the outstanding balance in full immediately.” 

I’m really worried that this will affect my credit score and just want to pay my bill for a previous number. I have spoken to someone online who was unable to help but I need someone to look into this for me please. Is there not a way to pay you guys through your bank or would you send a bill to my current address and let me pay it via cheque? Anything would be a big help. I’m desperate. I want to get this sorted out before it gets out of hand. It’s been almost 31 days since the email and I do not want it to get to the stage where it affects my credit score. Does this email mean my credit score has been affected or does it means I have 31-60 days to sort it out before it does? Anything would be a big help. I’m desperate. HELP

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Hi Rachel,

I am sorry to hear about that. In order to log in, or to reset the password, you would need the security code. 

Now, you can obtain this code with help from our Live Chat Team here: and then type “Speak to an agent” once you enter your details to get through to someone.

We can also send you a new SIM card for the number if you prefer this option instead? If not, you might want to call 0333 003 7777 to make a manual payment instead.

As with any credit agreement such as a phone contract, missing a payment may result in a mark on your credit file but hopefully, payment can be made before one is applied if not done already.