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Capping explained – how to adjust your cap (Updated 1/10/18)

  • 1 October 2018
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Bill Capping is a feature on all iD plans.

It puts a capped limit on your out-of-plan spend, so you’ll never get shocked with an unexpectedly large bill.

So, if you use up an allowance and start getting charged at our out-of-plan rates, you’ll get stopped from spending any more when you reach your cap.

You can choose an out-of-plan spend cap between £0 and £25 when you first buy your plan, and can then adjust it between £0 and your credit limit at any time within the iD Mobile app or My Account online.

Here’s how to do this:
• Select 'Services’ from the bottom menu of the app (or ‘My Services’ if you’re in My Account.)
• Then select ‘Edit my capped limit’. You can then move the slider anywhere between £0 and your credit limit.

That’s all there is to it. And you can adjust your cap as often as you like.
If you’ve any questions or comments on Bill Capping, let’s hear them!

9 replies

I'm sorry too. I've been clear all along that I'm open to offers regarding a settlement figure but apart from offering £10 in the very first live chat every response from iD is that nothing can be done.


Am amicable resolution requires both parties to work together- iD have not even tried to negotiate of reach a resolution(apart from the mentioned £10 which is a joke to be honest). They want the money and seem happy to throw away a long standing customer for the sake of £70. In all honestly, the complaints/deadlock prices will have cost a good chunk of this money in man hours!


Deadlock was inevitable in this situation.

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Hi @DoctorPressure8,


If it’s gone to the deadlock team, you will be provided with a letter of deadlock so that you can approach the Ombudsman to begin an external escalation with them if you so wish.


I’m sorry the we were unable to come to an amicable resolution on this occasion.





Was asked to call the complaints team. Was told a text message was sent in March when I upgraded to say I had no cap now. I have no knowledge of that text and can't find it anywhere on my phone (I never bother deleting messages).


Basically she said I've used the data and iD vave me plenty of notification so hard luck.


I have no idea why the default is no cap. This has no benefit to the customer and only serves to make the company money by causing the customers to pay the huge £10/100MB rate. Surely the default should be your data stops when you get to your limit then you relax this if you wish, at your own risk?


I was also told the complaints team would not write off any of the £70 on dispute. Apparently this is now with the deadlock team as we can't come to an agreement. I was clear that I'm open to an offer of settling with less than £70 but nothing, no negotiation, no compromise, no acknowledgement of the stupidity of this system.


Unless the deadlock team come back with some sort of agreement I'm going elsewhere and making a complaint with the ombudsman. Clearly iD has zero respect for its customers. Five years of loyal custom has been valued at less than £70.



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Hello @DoctorPressure8 

We no longer offer a telephony contact channel for our customers as we’re a digital-first company and endeavor to keep our costs low for customers; however, we do recognise that some of our customers may need additional support when contacting us.


With this in mind, we offer a voicemail and call-back channel for customers who are either unable to use webchat or letter as a contact method. By having the voicemail service, we are often able to thoroughly investigate customer's cases in advance prior to contacting them, so as to speed up our resolution times. 


We’ll send you a private message on here so that we can verify your details and take a look over your account and recent bill.

To view the message sent.  Simply click on your profile icon in the top right, then go to your private messages. 




iD Mobile 

It’s a great feature...except when iD change the cap without your knowledge/approval and you then end up with a bill of £90 (yes, ninety pounds) up from £8. I explicitly set my cap to £5 to ensure this wouldn’t happen only to find out yesterday than the cap had been reset to £75 (without my knowledge) and my data usage had taken me right to that limit. At a rate of £10 for 100MB, £75 is very quickly accumulated after only 750MB.

After trying in vain to reach someone via the phone (every phone option leads you to go online) I spent a fruitless hour on the “live” chat yesterday mostly waiting for the agent to respond (she was clearly snowed under with many other “live” chats). Was offered £10 (!) to close the complaint...then, when I said this was unacceptable I was told I would be contacted within 48 hours. Was phoned today only once in mid-morning (I was at work and had been called away from my phone for 5-10min) and trying to call the number back ended up in the circle of being directed online again.

Called the helpline and selected the “cancel my contract” option figuring I’d get to speak to a person that way or ask if they could put me through to someone but he was unable to help at all and said someone would call me back. I’m now simply waiting for someone from iD to address this- in the meantime I have a £90 bill over my head and money is tight. If someone simply left a number I could call back on I would gladly get this sorted but instead I’m left hoping I’m not driving, in a meeting or in the toilet when the long awaited call comes.

I’ve been a customer of iD almost from day one (summer 2016, the company only started in 2015) and have quite liked the service provided. The app gives (apparently) great control and visibility of your spend/billing etc. Sometimes I’ve gone over my allowance a bit and I’ve thought “ok, fair enough” but this time it’s a disgrace. I had set the cap to £5 to avoid this and now I’m looking at a bill an order of magnitude larger (i.e. 8-10x larger) than my regular bill just for what amounts to an additional 750MB of data.

Sick of, what I suspect is, underhand practice, sick of the so-called of the customer “care” service and about to leave and make a complaint to the Ombudsman if I don’t hear from someone at iD soon.

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Hi @Cstarzy93,

You can find information on our call charges here.


where can I find out what calls my plan don't cover?

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Hi @Help please 

Sorry to hear your bill is more then you expected. 

Please check your bill to identify why you have incurred additional charges. Full information regarding billing can be found here .

This will help us identify why the charges have been applied. 

Hope this helps. 



I have a £5 cap on my phone but have still had extra charges on my bill.


Why iD Mobile?