I am confused as to what my final bill is

I requested a PAC code on 19/06/20 and in the text it said the code would expire on 16/07/20. It said if I used my PAC code on that day, my final bill would be £0.00. If I didn’t use my code before it expired, my iD connection would remain active and I would be billed. I used the PAC code on 20/06/20 and have not put the iD sim card back into my phone since this date. I then received another text from iD on 23/06/20 saying I owe £11.00. When I look on the app I have two bills for June. One is for £11.00 and the other is for £1.59. Can someone explain the two bills for me? I understand that I may owe £1.59 for the one day of use on 20/06/20, but I should not be billed for the £11.00 to cover the dates 20/06/20 - 19/07/20. I have cancelled my direct debit as I do not want to make an unnecessary payment and have to try to claim a refund

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Hi @CPJames,

As we bill you in advance, this amount will cover your line rental up to a certain period of time in the future but as you have left before that month has been completed, this will have been recalculated. If you log into your app today, do you still see an outstanding balance containing this £11? 

Please let me know what you see so we can explain this further.


It is now saying at the top.. amount due so far £0.00 

Does this mean that I do not need to make a payment of £1.59? I’m worried as I have received the texts saying I must reinstate my direct debit, but I can’t do this through the app as it is now limited. 

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Hi @CPJames 

Do you have still access to log in to your iD Mobile account online or through the app?

If so, it should state there if any balance is owed still.


If your account is disconnected already then you can ignore any automated texts you’ve received regarding the Direct Debit.