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ID applied a default to my credit report when I disputed and delayed paying my final bill

  • 7 January 2019
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Has anyne had issues with disproportionate credit defaults being applied by ID? I left the service last year, and disputed my final bill (of £15) as ID didn't action my account closure request on time. I paid the bill after two months to avoid hassle, and they subsequently reported a default on my credit file. This is now causing credit issues (mortgage, credit card), huge strain on my family, and affecting my mental health, for the miniscule size and nature of the payment amount.

28 replies

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Hi @Karthik Veluswamy, sorry to hear about this. Even if you returned the order, you would be liable for any time the phone was connected, which is where the £3 bill has come from. If you can call our dedicated payment line on 0333 003 0001 and pay the balance, the default will be removed.


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Hi, When i do not owe any money why should i pay. When i had a chat with your team, they weren’t able to explain how did you arrive to that amount. As i havent activated nor used your service. The phone was sent faulty and why do you expect me to pay for your mistake. 


Now that you have ruined my life. No one from your company is taking up the responsibility to contact me to give me an updated. I was promised my issue will be fixed and your company will report back to and remove my late payment remark as it was not a late payment. Also i have not received one single communication about anything pending. your team mentioned i do not owe anything and infact refunded the deposit after 2 weeks. 


This is inhuman, our entire family is in stress. your team happily takes forever to respond to my communication. 




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@Karthik Veluswamy ,

We’ll shortly send you a Private Message to your Community account so we can discuss your issue further.

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