Investigating unusually high usage

  • 25 July 2018
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Dear iD Community Members,

I have been notified about reaching 80% of my cap this month which has never happened in my 20 months with iD. I am on the £5 a month and occasionally pay the odd 0.30-0.60p extra. I have never went close to my maximum allowance of minutes or texts, the additional payments were for services not covered by my monthly allowance.

I have also been in Europe and used my allowance without issues (i.e. additional billing eating up my cap).

This month, according to my dashboard, I used all my 500 minutes and nearly 4730 texts of my 5000 texts' allowance. I am unable to view my detailed bill at the moment but I know for sure I have not got addicted to calls and texts in the last month. Suprisingly, I still have a few megabites left of my data.

Has any of you had any similar problems, especially recently? Have you been able to obtain a detailed biling before the actual bill date?

Mine is at the end of this week and I wonder whether I should wait until then or contact the customer service team right away.

Your advice is most welcome.

Many thanks!

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