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Missed Payment of Random £1.61 Charge after Final Bill paid - Credit Score Damaged!

  • 2 March 2022
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Hi everyone,

After having a bit of a nightmare ending my iD contract at the end of its term (which involved the PAC export failing repeatedly and me deciding to not bother taking my number with me in the end - but never mind), I then paid my final bill (Invoice period 16th Dec 2021 - 15th Jan 2022) and left for another provider.

I have just checked my credit file this morning and have discovered to my horror that I have a missed payment for £1.61, when my contract had ended and I had already paid for the final bill (Invoice period 16th Dec 2021 - 15th Jan 2022, invoice date 16th Dec). I then checked the iD application to see another statement, issued for the period of 16th Dec 2021 - 14th Jan 2022, this time for £1.61 and the invoice dated 15th Jan 2022. I paid this straight away upon realising a missed payment had been marked on my credit file, but the statement does not even explain what these charges are for? iD did not even do anything to notify me that this amount was even owed to them!

I am horrified that this has happened for a number of reasons, not least that:

  • iD had not emailed me with any outstanding amounts due, and as far as I was concerned the final monthly bill payment of £14 had been made
  • This charge I have apparently missed is within an invoice period the same as the final bill period, which was fully paid!
  •  I have email records of iD mailing me regular monthly statements - i.e. with the subject ‘Your monthly bill is ready’ - every month up until the month where I apparently have been billed £1.61, but no statement/email for that one.

I am now extremely unlikely to be approved for a mortgage after having saved for years and finally got myself in a position to actually be able to afford one - essentially my whole plan for the next couple of years is being ruined by a missed payment for £1.61 (!) which I would have to wait another six years for to clear.

I can see from this forum that others have been refused mortgages for the same thing and this is all really upsetting as it is a genuinely life-ruining thing to happen, especially over what is clearly either a billing or communication error by the firm. There were no problems with payments over the life of the contract so why would I purposely miss a payment of £1.61 which has just been randomly added after the final bill was settled?

I would really, really appreciate if someone could look into and rectify this as it is extremely unfair and I don’t want to have to go down the route of seeking legal advice or contacting the media, though I am prepared to do so, as this is something that really will have a huge impact on my future through no fault of my own.


Thank you




1 reply

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Helllo @brandgc35,

Sorry for the delayed reply here to your message.

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