Monthly recurring charge

  • 23 May 2021
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Can someone explain why my Monthly Recurring Charge has increased from £26.66 to £30.17? 

7 replies

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Hi @Frem,


How many months has this been the case for consecutively?


Have you recently changed your Direct Debit date with us around the time this began?



Hi Will.

I’ve recently moved to ID from Vodafone in the last two months. My first bill was correct, however, my second bill is showing the increase.

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Hi @Frem 

Have you been able to view the breakdown of your monthly bill to see if you have been charged for anything outside of your usual allowance? It may be a good idea to set your bill cap to 0. This way you can ensure you do not go outside of your monthly allowance. This can be done through your iD Mobile app/account.


Hi @Mohsin 

I have looked at the breakdown and that isn’t the issue. I signed a contract for £31.99 per month but for my next bill, it shows as being £36.20?

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Hello @Frem,

By next bill are you referring to a bill that’s not been produced yet?

The breakdown for additional usage for this month would show on your next bill.

Can you confirm if you changed the Direct Debit date at all?

The most likely culprit will be that.

Check your recent bill and view the period of line rental you are being billed for.


When you change your Direct Debit date, we actually shift the bill date since it’s not possible to change the date the payment is taken from itself.

Direct Debits are always taken 14-days after.

Therefore adjusting the billing date accounts for the new payment date.


So a payment date of the 1st of each month means we’d change your billing date to the 17th/18th.

We can’t move a bill date earlier if you have already been charged for a period so it’s pushed forward.

This means your first bill following a Direct Debit date change usually is posted on the new date to coincide with your requested payment date and has a bigger line rental period.


If you view the bill you can see the period of line rental being billed.

Normal bills are always a month of line rental.

Bills following a Direct Debit date change can cover anything from 1 month and 1 days all the way up until just under 2 months depending on the way the dates fall and when the request is submitted.





I have not changed my direct debit, I have only had one bill since I set up my contract. Although there is an extra charge for two additional charges which amounts to 60p, it’s the monthly rental that has increased.

Hope this makes sense.

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Hi @Frem,

If there has been no additional usage (apart from the 60p mentioned) and if you look at the line rental period and see that it only covers 1 month rather than an extra period of time, we’ll need to check this further. We will send you a PM now to look into this.