My phone bill has conveniently doubled since coronavirus and I can't contact anyone at ID what can I do?

My bill has conveniently doubled since coronavirus and the lockdown began and so I’ve been unable to contact ID at all through phone or live chat. Everywhere I go I’m forced to talk to the community which I don’t understand how that could help in my case since I need someone from ID to actually look into my account and see whats happening. 


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Hi @K Allder,


We’ll drop you a Private Message now so we can access your account and see what’s gone on.



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Hi @thomaswrocks,

We’re sorry to hear about your billing issue. Have you been able to log into your account online to see what it is exactly that is causing your bill to be so much higher? Please log in and let us know what you see against each charge and we will help explain things further for you.


Hi, I am having the same issue. I have checked my bill online and I am within my data plan. You are charging me £15 more a month than I had signed up to, and the data signal is awful, and frequently drops out. I am really really unhappy and will send the phone back and cancel my account if I cannot get through to anyone? You have no one to speak to and your live chat function is an automated response. It is very frustrating and I am pretty sure breaches consumer rights. 


I am trying to get through to someone to speak about my bill. It is month on month £15 more than I signed up to an d I am staying within my data allowance. I want to return my device for a full refund and cancel my contract as it isn't what I signed up to.

The signal is also intermittent and frequently unusable!


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Hi @K Allder, sorry to hear about this. When you check your bill on the app, does it not show what the additional charges are comprised of? It may be out-of-allowance minutes, such as premium rate phone numbers which some companies’ customer service departments use, or roaming data if you’ve been abroad outside the EU (unlikely. given the current situation, I admit)

Alternatively, have you signed up to any premium rate text services recently? Can you think of any reason at all why your bill might be higher this month? Again, I’d recommend checking the app as this should show you.

Regarding the intermittent signal issue, is this a recent development or has it been happening since day one? Could you please try resetting the phone’s network settings? If you let me know the make and model of the device, I can run you through this.


Thank you,


I have checked my bill and I am not being charged for any more outside of the contract usage. The online deal I signed up to advertised it as being £15 less a month than you are charging me for however? I am asking why this is and stating that this is a breach of contract and that if it isn't honoured I will be sending back my phone and expecting a full refund of what I have paid for so far. What you are charging me for isn’t what I signed up to. 

With regards to connection issues. The phone appears to be faulty. It kicks me out of my home WiFi every 20 minutes and is often on 3G signal, or none at all, where as on my old TMobile contract it was consistently in high 4G signal in the same area . I have to reset the settings on the phone every time. I have spoken to my broadband provider who confirms there is no intermittency in my connection with them, nor my other devices, therefore must be the phone. 

It is an iPhone 11 Pro. The contract I signed was for £35.99 per month, and you are charring my £49.99 per month. The only extra charge of 49p I have had is because of voicemail access. 

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Hi @K Allder,


We would never increase a customers bill without them advising us to do so. How long have you had the deal, and how long ago was your bill more than expected?



Since August, and I definitely did not sign up to a £50 a month deal with a relatively unknown mobile company. TMobile (who I have been with for 10 years before I left for this deal) where offering my £40 per month. 

If I could actually speak to someone it of course may be easier. This back and forth communication with no resolution is pretty awful customer service 


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Hi @K Allder,


We’ll drop you a Private Message now so we can access your account and see what’s gone on.