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phone wont make calls even with paid bill

  • 25 September 2021
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Every time I try to make a call it redirects straight to the customer help line and proceeds to tell me my balance is paid. My phone bill for the month is paid yet it seems to not be letting me make normal phone calls, there is no outstanding balance and this has never happened before. I’ve tried contacting someone but seems to be no actual person to talk to just the bot which isn’t helping.

8 replies

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Hello @Nadia Mathers,

That sound frustrating.

Seems like you’ve tried Live Chat, but the 24/7 chat-bot frustrated your attempts to get this sorted.

Try the Live Chat again, but type “talk to a person” to avoid the annoying chat-bot. There are iD agents working 9am to 6pm weekends (and bank holidays) and 9am to 8pm weekdays.

Good luck! 

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Hello @Nadia Mathers,

If you had a balance overdue and it was with a Debt Collection Agency, it can take some time for the payment to reach us. If the payment was simply overdue and you paid iD Mobile then as long as the monies have been paid your suspension should be lifted automatically.

Can you confirm if you are still facing issues with this?



yes I paid the overdue bill it wasn’t through a debt collection agency. I’m still not able to make texts, calls or use data.



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Hi @Nadia Mathers,

We would recommend contacting our Live Chat Team for instant help, however we will send you a Private Message now to help further.

To access your messages, click your profile picture in the top right hand corner and then click ‘Private Messages’. Alternatively, if you are currently logged in, you can use the following link:


Problem solved by Berushka, one of the agents! Thank you 

I received an e-mail saying I had an overdue payment and my account was now suspended, I went to the 7777 number and my outstanding balance is £0.00….. can’t log in to my account and the chatbot was useless

When you go on the chat bot, type in “speak to a person” and an agent will help you! Mines got sorted out in space of 10 mins!

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Hi @John Logan,


Thanks for getting in touch. We're aware of an issue where some customers have been sent an outstanding balance notification in error. We're working on restoring access to the iD Mobile app so those affected can check their balance as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please follow the link below for the most up to date information:




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