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Premium SMS 65888

  • 7 April 2020
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I am being charged £4.50 for a incoming premium SMS service that I did not subscribe to.

How can I stop these charges asap?

Thank you.

2 replies

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Hey @chrisoliver1990 


We have had situation like this before on the community. Everything has been resolved and explained in here. I was victim of that type of scam myself.


Kind Regards 


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Five tips to help you get money back from a nuisance message firm

1. Check for charges relating to premium rate texts on your bill that you did not request. Add up the costs and note the numbers they came from.

2.You can also place a bar on your phone blocking premium rate services this can be done from your account dashboard under My Services. Note, this will also block services you might still want such as paying for parking or donating to charity via your mobile. 

3.You can find out which company is behind the texts with the regulator’s number-checker at

4. Be factual, succinct and dispassionate when making a complaint – and get it down in writing, keeping a record of all correspondence. 

5. Escalate your case to the Phone-paid Services Authority if you do not get a satisfactory conclusion. Visit its website or call 0300 3030020 during office hours.

If complaining to the third party doesn’t pay off and all else fails, you could try and ask your mobile phone provider for a full refund (whether you get one is at the sole discretion of the company)


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