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  • 26 May 2021
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Hello, I have upgraded my month only sim plan from £5 to £6 a month as a 12 month contract however I am being billed £12 each month (two payments) and this is two months after I have upgraded, did my old sim not automatically get cancelled or ?? Please I don’t want o ou more than my sim plan & also not just that but my sim plan is £6 a month that I upgraded to but on my app it says I am being charged £6.92??

5 replies

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Hi @Jehona,

When you changed your plan from £5 to £6, did you notice that you received the upgraded allowances too? If not, you may have two active plans so let us know what you see.

Also, have you changed your billing date at all? Sometimes when changing the date, it can delay the payment by almost a full month which will mean when the new billing date comes around, you end up paying for almost 2 months worth of line rental.


Yes I have received the upgraded allowances and on my app it does not show two active SIM cards considering I’ve kept the same number & I have not changed the billing date

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Hi @Jehona


We’ll drop you a Private Message now  to see what’s gone on, as I do suspect a 2nd line has been ordered. A 2nd line wouldn’t appear in your App, as only one line at a time can.



Okay thank you

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No worries @Jehona.


If you reply to the PM, someone should be back in touch soon.