Will I be charged extra for 5G?

  • 18 November 2020
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I am looking at getting an iPhone 12 Pro, which is 5G ready, but I know that you do not currently offer 5G services. Will I be charged extra on top of my plan when you do begin to rollout 5G? Or will the monthly bill stay the same?

3 replies

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Hi @Licia970,

I wouldn’t expect there to be any extra charges for using 5G over 4G if on a 5G plan, but further information would be released if we do start to offer 5G plans.


Edit 03/05/21:
5G has been rolled out with no extra charges. Further information can be found here:

When do you know roughly I’m weeks, months when the 5G will come to iPhone 12 pro 

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Hi @Adammm1121,

We’re working hard to bring 5G to as many devices as possible and we do not have an estimated time for that phone. In the meantime, you can monitor our page here for information regarding our 5G rollout.