5 hot summer smartphone photography tips

  • 18 June 2019
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5 hot summer smartphone photography tips
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Whether the sun is out this Summer or you’re putting up with the typical British Summer, find out how to take the best photos with your phone to capture the memories.

Your camera knows what it’s doing

Most modern phones now have some kind of Artificial Intelligence built into the camera, and that helps you take those pro-looking photos. The clever tech figures out what you’re looking at and then changes the settings to give you the best result.

Whether you’re snapping action shots of pups on the park, tempting your Insta followers with the sizzling BBQ food or showing off your travels, the artificial intelligence in your camera will help you get the best picture – without spending an age fiddling with the settings.

One phone which has some extremely clever AI tech built into the camera is the Huawei P30. There is
a powerful processor packed in there, as well as huge 28-hour battery, so your phone won’t start to slow down even if you spend all day on those power-hungry editing apps.

Interested? Get the Huawei P30 today.

Get a doubly good photo

These days, more than one lens is commonly packed in under the hood, sometimes as many as three! But, are two (or three) lenses really better than one?

The short answer is, yes. That’s because a dual-lens camera can switch between both easily and on the go, so you’ll get different results depending on your subject.

You’ll get much sharper images packed with details, and when you’re shooting ultra-wide angles with a shallow depth of field, the focus of the image will really stand out.

For a phone that looks as good as it performs, take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S10. It’s got a stunning edge-to-edge display to fully appreciate the amazing photos captured with the TrueVision triple-lens camera. This ultra-wide lens helps to bring your landscape shots to life, and you won’t ned to squish everyone together for that group picture any more.

Get yourself a Samsung Galaxy S10 now.

Harness the power of Portrait Mode

Getting a picture of the whole group, whether it’s friends or family, never seems to look quite as good as those professional headshots. But, that might be down to the settings on your phone.

Portrait mode uses a dual-lens camera system to keep your subject sharp, while blurring out the background. It works especially well for bright, sunny backgrounds, so get snapping while summer is here. You can even get the same effect for your selfies, just switch over to Portrait mode once you’ve turned the camera and you’re good to go.

One phone that impressed us with it’s portrait mode is the iPhone Xs. Its advanced sensor means you can even get those beautiful pictures after the natural light has faded so the shooting doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. And, you won’t have to put up with those dark pictures where you can’t tell if it’s your bestie or the cat.

Take a look at the iPhone Xs.

Become a selfie master

Lots of people love a good selfie, and if you’re on of the ones wanting something good for Instagram this summer, you’ll need a dual-lens camera with a wide-angle lens on the front.

They’re perfect for taking group selfies or ones where you want to make sure the background is captured too, so now there’s no need to awkwardly ask a passer-by to get that photo of you and your mates by that infinity pool.

The Google Pixel 3 is amazing for selfies, and the wide-angle front camera means everyone will be able to fit into the frame. The low light sensor is pretty high-tech too, so if you’re going camping you can get some great pictures under the stars.
Take a look at the Google Pixel 3.

Boost the dynamic range

You might have seen the acronym HDR on your camera, which stands for High Dynamic Range. Simply put, this takes three pictures in one at three different exposures; one overexposed, one underexposed and one balanced. It then stacks all three together, producing a beautifully bold image with rich shadows and highlights.

When you put your phone camera on HDR mode, it will help you to eliminate those over/underexposed anxieties and you’ll be left with nothing but crystal clear photos.

One phone that does this brilliantly is the Honor View 20. It’s got a massive 48MP main camera, and a speedy AI processor to give you Insta-worthy shots anywhere, anytime.
Check out the Honor View 20.

Got any other phone photography questions? Does your phone take perfect summer snaps, and it’s not mentioned in our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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