6 signs you need a new phone

  • 13 August 2019
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6 signs you need a new phone
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From keeping your data safe from hackers, to providing vital GPS navigation, or finding an app to help you do virtually anything, new smartphone technology has almost limitless potential to benefit our lives. So, it’s very exciting to hear about the release of the latest iPhone, rumoured to be launching in September. A new iPhone means exciting new tech. And, there’s nothing better than that new phone feeling.

Some secret sources have revealed that there’ll be 3 new flagship phones to replace the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. And rumour has it, they’ll be sporting new and improved cameras, getting rid of 3D Touch to make way for other new tech and, perhaps surprisingly, keeping the Lightning port. Although, word on the street is that these will be the last iPhones to use Lightning before the introduction of USB-C.

We’ll let you know more news as soon as we get it, so keep checking in here. And, if this sounds like the news you’ve been waiting for, then now’s the time to take stock of how long you’ve had your old phone and whether it’s still up to the job. Don’t get left behind when it comes to new tech. Be the first to own it!

We’ve put together a few of the warning signs that indicate it’s time to replace your old phone with a shiny new one, featuring all the latest tech. Have a read. Go on, you know you want to …

1. Failing battery and random shutdowns
A sure fire sign your phone is on the way out is when the battery life starts to fail. Batteries can go through 300-500 full charge cycles before they start to degrade and will only hold between 70-80 % of their original capacity, eventually losing ability to recharge altogether.

An indication your battery’s on the way out is when your phone randomly starts shutting down and then slowly stuttering back to life. Or refuses to turn back on. Sure to be at the most inconvenient moment. Grrrr! Time for a new phone and a sit down.

2. Poor quality photos and video
An old phone means outdated camera technology. If your photos and videos are coming out grainy and low-res, or there’s a slow shutter lag, then you could be overdue an upgrade. It’s rumoured that the new iPhone will not only feature an upgrade to the front-facing selfie camera, but will include a new third camera complete with wide angle lens. No more accidently cutting Aunty Dot off the family photos at Christmas.

3. You can’t upgrade to the latest operating system
If you’ve had your phone a long time, your manufacturer may eventually stop supporting your device. This means, you won’t be able to upgrade to the latest operating system or install security patches, which may expose your sensitive data to hackers. Plus, you may not be compatible with the faster 4G and new 5G networks. Time to get a new phone dude.

4. Touchscreen slow to respond
Has your touchscreen slowed down or even stopped responding to your commands? If you’re jabbing and poking at your screen with no response, it’s time to upgrade to a phone that does what you want. Throwing it to the floor in frustration is a sure sign too. It’s rumoured that the new iPhone will be saying goodbye to 3D Touch and replacing it with new tech enabled by new software. Watch this space to find out more….

5. Busted screen or damaged phone
We all drop our phones and many of us are sporting a cracked screen. But there comes a point when it’s had one mishap too many. A cracked screen’s not a good look and all those drops and bumps may eventually affect the smooth running of your device. Imagine the delight of a pristine screen with no cracks or scratches? Go on treat yourself because, well … you’re worth it.

6. No more storage space
You’ve had your phone for years. All those precious photos, videos and apps means eventually you run out of storage. If larger apps crash on your device whilst your mates have no probs on their flash new phones, you probably need more RAM. Look for a phone with upwards of 16GB of storage to store all your photos, videos and other data and plenty of RAM for smooth running of the latest apps.

If any of that sounds familiar and you’re thinking of taking the plunge, don’t just chuck your old phone away. There are plenty of ways that you can still get use out of your old phone whilst doing your bit to reduce harmful landfill waste. For some inspiration, check out our article 14 uses for your old phone and once you’ve worked that out, it may just be time for a new one …

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If u have a old phone and your battery’s bad u should get a new phone. Because if ur thinking of getting a new battery they may get expensive so it’s better to get a new phone
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3 applies to me and my Galaxy S8. Samsung won’t update it past Android 9.0 Pie.