December Community Newsletter – Christmas Competition - Closed

December Community Newsletter – Christmas Competition - Closed

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 I love many things about Christmas time like the pretty glowing lights sparkling in the pitch black dark sky giving an aura of magic and happiness. I love spending time huddled under a mountain of blankets with my family watching christmas classic movies while drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmellow whipped cream on the top. Furthermore, I love that many people think of this time of year as a time of giving to others by giving generous donations such as shelter, money and food to people who cannot afford it. Giving to others is what Christmas is all about which is why its exciting and fun to also exchange gifts with my closest friends and family. Spending time with people that are close to me also brings us all together and strengethens our relationships which makes it such an important time of year as well. All of this and more makes me feel as though christmas is an exciting and memorable time of year which we all get to enjoy together.


It’s nice to brighten up the house with Christmas decorations, at the darkest time of year

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My favourite thing is going for a walk on the beach on Christmas morning before coming home to our log fire and a glass or three of cava before settling down for the day with family and friends. Making calls to those far away and joining in with video chats too. Merry Christmas all at iD

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My favourite thing about christmas is being able to help people less fortunate than myself at this special time of year. I feel it only fair that everyone should be as happy as i am on christmas day. This year me and my friends put together multiple boxes of gifts that will be sent to poorer or war struck countries in time for the big day!! They deserve to celebrate the same way we do.

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Being with family and seeing my grandchildren faces light up when they see that Santa's been.

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Has to be seeing my little brother's face when he opens his presents - hope that this year I can get him a switch like he asked for! 


the joy of giving to family

Pigs in blankets 

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Having time off work and spending time with family.

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Seeing the kids faces as they realise Santa has been. I don't enjoy Christmas myself as my sister died on boxing day age 18, I was 20 at the time.  But since having kids I put every ounce of my energy into them having a fab time creating amazing memories 💙💜

My fav thing about Xmas is the silly drunken games we play at the end of the day - including ‘bum wars’ !! 😂

My favourite thing at Christmas is family time.

My favourite bit about Christmas is spending time with friends and family and opening presents 

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Spending quality time with those I love.

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Most people hopefully make more of an effort to be kind and friendly at Christmas

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I have sons who are non verbal. Seeing that glisten in their eyes when they open presents at Christmas is Priceless.  A smile in any language is just beautiful x💜

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My favourite thing about Christmas is the good will it generates to us all


 Jesus Christ is the best thing about Christmas:  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16) 

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The things I liked       about Christmaswere summed up below…


By Philip Dimbleby (aged 14)

Decorations fill the room
And take away the winter gloom.
Cards to be sent, presents to buy,
Prices in shops go up sky high!

On Christmas Eve children lie awake,
Trying to sleep for Santa’s sake.
Down he comes snow and all,
Down the chimney to surprise us all.

Christmas is here with church bells ringing,
Round the fire there’s people singing.
Christmas a time to give and receive,
The celebration of Christ if you believe.

It’s a time for dinner puddings as well,
Plenty of food making stomachs swell.
Christmas a time to love and care,
Jesus Christ; was Gods heir.
He was put on a cross,
A valuable life to have lost.

I love seeing the smiles on friends and familys face's when opening gifts and all the lovely food 😁 

Time off

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My favorite thing about Christmas is the food that you get to eat.