Free music streaming: Spotify vs Deezer.

Free music streaming: Spotify vs Deezer.
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Are you a cash-strapped music fan? Then why not make the most of free (and legal) music streaming?

Two of the best music streaming services out there are Spotify and Deezer. And the great thing is, you don’t have to part with your hard-earned cash to enjoy them. Yes, they offer paid subscriptions, but they also give you the option of signing-up and listening to songs for free. You might have to sit through an advert every now and then, but that’s not too much trouble is it? To help you decide which of these music streaming heavyweights to go for, here’s a run-down of each one.


(Android, iOS)

There are 170 million active Spotify users worldwide, with 95 million using the service free of charge.

Spotify has over 35 million songs and thousands of podcasts available. Each Friday, the latest record releases, exclusive live sessions, and new singles are added to its ‘New Releases’ tab.

What you get for free

If you’re a free Spotify customer you can listen to any song in shuffle mode. You can skip five tracks an hour, but you’ll need to listen to some fairly regular adverts. Also, sound quality is limited to ‘standard’ rather than the HD quality you get on the paid version.

You’ll be asked to select your favourite artists as soon as you get started with the Spotify app. You’ll then be given recommendations and playlists based on your taste in music.

You’ll also get on-demand access to 15 ‘select’ playlists for free, and play any playlist song without having to shuffle. The playlists are generated by Spotify based on your listening habits, they include a total of 750 songs, and they’re constantly being updated.


(Android, iOS)

Deezer has 14 million monthly active users, with 8 million of them happily enjoying it for free. In addition to its 53 million music tracks, it also offers over 30,000 news and entertainment shows.

What you get for free

If you’re a free Deezer customer you’ll be able to listen to songs in shuffle mode. If you press play on an artist, you’ll be played a mix based on their music.

You can skip up to six tracks an hour, and you’ll get regular adverts. Also, sound quality is limited to ‘standard’ rather than the HD quality you get on the paid version.

Deezer’s ‘Flow’ claims to be your very own personalised radio channel. If you can’t decide what to listen to, activate flow and it’ll start playing music that it reckons you’ll be into, based on what you’ve been listening to in the past. If you like what you’re hearing, tap the heart icon to make it a favourite track, and to give Deezer an even better idea of what floats your boat. If there’s a track you’re less enamoured with, tap the heart with a line through it to let Deezer you never want to hear it ever again.

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If you want to move playlist from spotify to deezer or vice versa then use MUSCONV tool which i personally tried. It's a great tool.
Yes, Spotify and Deezer can allow users to free access to lots of music library. But there are no offline download option you can use. If you think online listening is an acceptable way, all things will be OK.
But, the good news for Spotify users is that they can use Spotify Music Converter to enjoy Spotify music and playlists as Spotify premium users, like offline playback feature, high audio quality, etc.
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I always hunt for deals and I already managed to have 3 months of Spotify for £0.99 and recently I signed up the same offer with Deezer. In the past I managed to get 4 month of free Google Play Music and 3 months of Amazon Music through Xperia Lounge app. It's cool to have so many options there because one of them for sure will run some offer for premium at some point 🙂
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To learn more about the difference, you can visit: spotify vs deezer. I personally choose Spotify because I can use Spotify music converter for Windows to download the songs offline for me.
My option is Spotify. Before that, maybe you have to use a tool like Spotify Music Converter to convert Spotify music at first. All Spotify free fan can play online, but there is no right to download and play offline. Fortunately, now you can use this DRM removal tool to crack DRM protection and convert Spotify music to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A, M4B, etc at fast speed with zero loss quality. After conversion, all Spotify free users can download and play Spotify music on any devices without limitation. Of course you can stream Spotify music to any devices freely.
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I definitely like Spotify, I pay for it too. I generally download everything into offline mode when I'm connected to Wi-Fi so that it doesn't eat my data. My son enjoys listening to it too, he has his very own playlist that I add to for him. It's adorable seeing him dance around his room while listening to it!


Compare with Spotify and Deezer, i perfer to use Spotify espically like to use Spotify Music Converter to download and convert Spotify to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B, etc at faster speed with zero loss quality. 

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If one day Amazon Music is 1:1 as good as Spotify, and it comes in with my Amazon Prime.  Then I’ll look elsewhere.

Right now though, I’m Spotify Premium’ing it up.  Having a Google Nest/ Home in my apartment means I can just have pretty much any music I like playing at any time.

A real positive during the whole work-from-home 2020 saga ^_^.

I used to use Spotify and Deezer. But now I prefer Spotify more since that it is easy for me to use Spotify Music Downloader to get Spotify downloads as local MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, FLAC, M4B, and other commonly used formats at a lightning speed without quality loss.