Give Something Away Day Competition - Closed

  • 15 July 2019
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Give Something Away Day Competition - Closed
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Most of us probably have more possessions than we really need and can benefit from the occasional de-clutter. Give Something Away Day on 15 July, gives us all the perfect opportunity to share what we have by giving something away to others.

There are plenty of ways you can get involved. Whether it’s taking some of your old clothes to a charity shop, donating food or drink to a homeless shelter, or simply buying a bunch of flowers for a loved one. The act of giving brings joy to others and makes you feel pretty good about yourself too.

To celebrate the day, we’re giving away a £50 Currys voucher to one of you lucky peeps. To be in with a chance to win, share with us the best or worst gifts that someone has ever given you. If you can upload an image – even better!

So, get rooting through your cupboards and join in the philanthropic fun #givesomethingawayday

9 replies

Two Christmases ago my wonderful husband *grits teeth* thought it would be funny to wrap up one loo roll and a cheap food magazine. I opened the badly wrapped presents in front of my parents and couldn’t hide my disappointment. He said he thought I needed some me time. He said perhaps I could get some cooking tips from the magazine! I. Kid. You. Not. It wasn’t a WISE move by him!
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I feel fortunate to get presents 99% of the time, this time wasn't one of them. I mean don't get me wrong, I love a good backpack however I found wearing this one as a 30 year old I happened to be at Christmas last year thoroughly embarrassing. I wore it for an entire day pretending to love it when all I could think was from behind I probably look like I should be holding mummy's hand 😂 .... It seriously reminds me of an 8 year olds school bag 🤭 My sister was devastated when I "accidentally" yanked it too hard and broke one of the zips 😂🤣 ... I acted heart broken. But it was such a relief 😅🤫🤫🤫🤫

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It was a black faux leather, hard rigid briefcase in the shape of a doctors bag. It was ugly, boring and to top it all an insult !
It was given to me by my then husband, for Christmas one year with an announcement ‘ now you have the briefcase you can get a better job and earn more money for us both !’
We don’t spend our lives or our Christmas’s together anymore.
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The worst gift was a doll with a scary face. My Mum nagged and nagged me to write a thank you letter, but it was so hard to thank someone for something I thought would kill me in my sleep! She’s now in doll heaven where she can’t scare other kids.
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My worse gift was an ironing board!!!! I mean who gives an ironing board as a present 😫
The worst gift my gf gave me was a flower, she said she got it from this flower shop but when I went on her Instagram she got it from a wedding she attended on the weekend. the best gift I received was a car my parents gifted me. it’s something that I seriously didn’t expect. I wouldn’t be able to return the favour..

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Thank you to everyone for taking part in the Give Something Away Day Competition. We had loads of great answers but a big congratulations @Thor

Well done! You've been selected as the winner of our competition. You've won a £50 Currys voucher.

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Keep an eye out for next month’s competition.

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Yesssss thank you it is my dads birthday next week and I struggling to get a gift so I will give this £50 voucher to him
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That's a great idea @Thor

Happy Birthday to your dad! 🎉