How to beat your post-holiday blues

  • 28 August 2019
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How to beat your post-holiday blues
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Let’s face it, sometimes you get back from holiday and feel like you need another one. As soon as you’re back to the commute on a rainy old Monday morning, it can seem like you’ve never been away. So, we’ve put together a few hints and tips, together with helpful links and apps, to help you beat those post-holiday blues and arrive at work with a positive attitude. And, if you haven’t been away yet, read on, a little pre-holiday planning can make it much easier when you do get back.

1. Plan to succeed
After a long, lazy hols that alarm on your first morning back can be tough. So, make things easy on yourself with a little planning the night before. Choose what you’re going to wear, get your bag ready for work, find your security pass, etc. And, make to-do lists of what needs to be prioritised on the first day or week. There are some great apps, like Evernote Wunderlist or Trello that can help you with this kind of prep and planning.

If you haven’t been away yet, making plans and to-do lists before you go can make it easier to prioritise when you get back.

2. Make time for yourself
Don’t rush headlong into the pile of work waiting for you, like a bull in a china shop. You don’t want steam coming out your ears in your first hour back. Pace yourself and make sure you take regular breaks to give yourself a chance to take stock and remain calm. Be sure to take proper lunch breaks away from your desk and, if possible, leave the office for a breath of fresh air, just to keep things in perspective. You were on the beach this time last week, after all.

If you need a little help to stay calm, take a look at de-stressing apps like Calm or Headspace and remember, you’re not in this alone.

3. Now hear this!
Stay positive and inspired by listening to some motivational podcasts like Ted Talks or some Spotify motivational playlists on your way to work. Better still, put together your own playlist of your fave inspirational, upbeat tunes as the soundtrack to your commute. After a holiday, your overall productivity increases, so keep yourself motivated and you’ll soon be throwing yourself into brainstorms or presenting some new ideas to your boss.

4. Read all about it …
Load up your tablet or Kindle with some inspirational reads for your commute to work or for a quick motivator on your lunch break. Check out the best eBook readers here or download an eBook reader app to your smartphone or tablet. There are loads to choose from like Kindle, Kobo, Serial Box, Google Play Books and many more. And a whole world of eBooks out there just waiting to be discovered.

5. Stay active and eat well
You’re bound to be tired coming back to work after a relaxing holiday, especially if you’ve had a long journey home through different time zones. The importance of eating well and staying hydrated to keep yourself focused and concentrated at work cannot be over-emphasised. Check out healthy eating apps and sites like Change4Life Smart and MyFitnessPal and, for a little exercise motivation, check out: Map My Walk, Runkeeper or Fitbit.

If going to the gym isn’t your thing, there are plenty of ways you can work a bit of keep fit into your daily routine. It can be as simple as walking to work, having a walk at lunchtime or taking the stairs instead of the lift. Mapp My Walk and other fitness apps can help to motivate you by showing you how far you’ve walked, how many calories you’ve burnt, etc.

6. Clear the decks
Although a very simple thing, a clear and tidy desk can help you think more clearly and be more productive. After your hols, take time to sort through the pile of papers on your desk and head to the recycle bin or shredder with everything you no longer need. Do the same with your PC desktop and clear the decks ready for action. If your holiday’s still to come, try and find time to do this before you go and you’ll reap the benefits when you get back.

7. Wish you were there
Keep that holiday feeling alive by placing a photo or memento from your trip on your desk. This can make you smile and remind you that it’s ok to take a break and enjoy life. Reminding yourself of the fun you had can make you feel better about being back at work. Why not use a holiday photo as a screensaver? Check out this iD Mobile article on the best photo editing apps.

8. It’s good to talk
Take time to check in with your colleagues and get up to speed on what you missed while you were away. Catch-up with a friend over coffee and chat about your holiday. Simply talking to someone and having a laugh can help improve your first day back.

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18 replies

There are a fantastic number of great places for holidays, not just one place.
I think it's more about discovering the beauty wherever you go.
So my dream holiday destination is somewhere which let's me relax, enjoy good food, try something new and explore the wonders of the world around me.
Good company helps as well.
Always and forever - Treyarnon Bay ❤️
Dream holiday for me would be a tour of Asia. Tailand, Vietnam and Cambodia for culture, food and sun!!
Haven Blue Dolphin UK don't like going abroad and this is where my sons first family break was at.
I'd go to Hawaii under the pretense that I was going to relax... But after a quick sit and a slurp of something coconutty, I'd most likely be trekking off up a mountain or into a forest on an adventure!
Seeing as me and my family are mahoosive star wars fans, we would love to go to any of the iconic film locations. May the force be with you!
Mahe, Seychelles. Magic!
Iceland, in the winter. Should be special!
I'd love to travel the Silk Road. More of a journey than a destination, but life's like that, isn't it?
My dream holiday would be a trip to Las Vegas. I dont like flying as a rule but would make an exception if I had the chance to go 😁
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My dream holiday would be anywhere ,as long as my family are there with me
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My dream holiday would be rio de Janeiro in Brazil
My dream holiday destination is Rome, I’d love to go to all the museums and art galleries!!
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Thank you for taking part in the competition. Your enter however will not be accepted, you need to comment on the competition article.

Kind regards,
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My dream holiday destination is somewhere which let's me relax, enjoy good food, try something new and explore the wonders of the world around me. 😀
My dream holiday destination is Costa Rica - an opportunity where I would get to experience different environments and see nature that you don't get in Britain. A combination of rain forest and beach - idyllic!
My island home - Orkney...never far away in my heart.
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My current dream holiday destination is New York, hopefully to become a reality in 2020!