How to stay connected over the festive season

  • 28 November 2019
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How to stay connected over the festive season
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Whether you’re at home or going away over the festive period, you’ll want to stay connected with friends and family. It’s what the season’s all about. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to show you how:


Check your coverage before you go

Spending Christmas and New Year in the UK? Our handy iD Coverage Checker shows you what kind of signal you can expect when you get there. Search by postcode, view both 3G and 4G coverage and stay one step ahead.


Try boosting your signal strength

Struggling to get a strong signal indoors? Try switching rooms or walk around the building to find the strongest signal. Indoor signal strength can be affected by things like wall thickness or trees outside.

If you’re outside, try getting some altitude. Staying on higher ground means there are fewer obstructions between your phone and the nearest cell tower, so you should get a better reception. Just remember to wrap up warm!

Also, check your phone case – some can be made from signal-blocking materials, which are no good for your reception. Try removing your case to double-check if that’s the reason you have reduced connectivity. And don’t forget to try turning your phone off and on again. It really can do the trick.


Use Wi-Fi calling

When those bars are running low, iD’s Wi-Fi Calling service can help you make and receive calls and texts. All you need to do is connect to an available Wi-Fi network. This service is currently only available on selected handsets, but you can find out if your phone is one of them here.

Still struggling with network coverage and Wi-Fi calling not available? Just connect to Wi-Fi and use Facetime, iMessage, WhatsApp or Skype to message or call.


Stay connected while travelling

Travelling to see family by train or coach? You may have the option to access WiFi onboard, which is ideal when you’re heading through the countryside. National Express and Megabus coaches have WiFi, and many train stations across the UK have WiFi access on the platform. If you’re going by train you can find out which services have WiFi here.


Inclusive roaming

Planning to venture a little further this year? Forget about buying Ia local SIM card. Remember, your iD plan comes with Inclusive Roaming. That means you can use your minutes, texts and data allowance in 50 destinations throughout the EU, EEA and beyond. It’s the same as using your phone at home.

Find out if you’re travelling to one of our Inclusive Roaming destinations before you go. If your destination isn’t on the list, don’t panic! To find out how much it costs to use your phone outside of the Inclusive Roaming zone, visit our International and Roaming Charges page. And don’t forget, you can always monitor how much of your calls and data allowance you’ve used in the iD Mobile app. You can even set a bill cap to make sure your bill doesn’t exceed what you’re happy to spend while you’re away. It’s easy!

For more info on using your phone on holiday, take a look at our guide on how to prepare your phone for a trip abroad.


Get extra data or minutes

Don’t run out of data and minutes while you’re away. Stay connected by buying an Add-on through your iD Account or on the iD Mobile app. Add-ons can be used throughout the UK and in all 50 Inclusive Roaming destinations. So, if you’re heading to any of these destinations this year, you’ll be covered.


If you still can’t get signal…

Try your SIM card in another device that’s unlocked to the iD network. If you’re still not getting anywhere, you can log a coverage fault with our Live Chat agents. We’ll check it out and do our best to get you up and running as soon as possible.


Have a great Christmas 🎄 and a happy new year!

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