How to win at Fortnite on your mobile

  • 22 August 2018
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How to win at Fortnite on your mobile
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It seems that almost everyone’s playing Fortnite these days. Not only has it been downloaded onto millions of consoles around the world, but you can also play it on your mobile. You can get it free on iPhone here, and it's going to be released on Android devices soon - if you really can’t wait, you can sign-up to play the pre-release beta version here.

Fortnite is a lot of fun to play, but actually winning a game is incredibly tough. It’s not impossible though, especially if you follow our 9 top tips below. But first of all, let us quickly explain how to play the game…

How to play Fortnite

Fortnite begins with you parachuting down onto an island to battle 99 other players. The last person (or team) standing wins the game. Weapons and healing equipment are scattered around the island, and you can collect building materials by hacking various parts of the landscape with your pickaxe.

You’ll also need to steer clear of the storm creeping in from the edges of the island. Stay in the storm too long and you’re a goner. The only safe place to be is in the storm’s eye, and this shrinks every couple of minutes – so if you make it right to the end of a game, you’ll usually find yourself battling the last few players on a tiny piece of land.

Got all that? Good. Let’s crack on with our 9 top tips…

1. Choose a dream team

There are a few different modes available. In ‘Solo’ you’re on your own, in ‘Duo’ you partner up with another player, and ‘Squad’ puts you in a team of four. You can play alongside your friends in Fortnite, so the best way of winning is to team up with your pro mates, and ditch the noobs.

2. Avoid Tilted Towers

As you’re floating downwards at the start of each game, you should be thinking about where to land. If you’re in ‘Squad’ mode, you’ll quite often hear a cry of ‘Lets go Tilted!’ from your trigger-happy teammates. Ignore them.

Here’s the thing about Tilted Towers. Yes, it’s the most exciting destination on Fortnite. Loads of people head straight for it, so it’s a great place for a fight. Unfortunately, this also makes it a great place to get killed really quickly.

So if you want to last longer, don’t do Tilted. In fact, avoid all the locations in the busy middle part of the map, and head to the less populated corners instead. It’s less exciting to begin with, but exploring further out gives you extra time to prepare for battle. We recommend a trip to Haunted Hills. It’s our favourite place, and it’s usually pretty quiet.

3. Stock up on weapons fast

As soon as you land, you need to look for a weapon. If you drop down in Tilted Towers and you don’t pick one up in a matter of seconds, it’s usually game over.

Weapons and ammo are usually found inside buildings or on roofs, and there are different colour classifications. If you find a grey Common weapon, fine. But keep an eye out for Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary weapons. They’re much more powerful. If you get a legendary SCAR, you’re packing some serious heat.

4. Sniff out treasure chests

Look out for treasure chests. Listen out for them, too (they make a sound when you’re close to one, even if they’re behind a wall or in a different room). Opening a treasure chest always gives you lots of goodies. Not just weapons – they might also contain health potions, bandages, medical kits, ammo and building materials.

5. Look out for enemy footsteps

One disadvantage with playing Fortnite on mobile is that you won’t always be playing with the sound turned on, especially if you’re in public. This makes it more difficult to hear enemy footsteps. To get around this, use the handy visual indicator that shows you the direction of enemy steps. It warns you if another player is approaching. Be ready to ambush them, or keep your distance if you’re playing it safe.

6. Be jumpy

If you’re playing on mobile against PS4 or Xbox opponents, you’re at a slight disadvantage, as they’ll usually be watching the action unfold on a large TV. This means they might find it easier to spot you from a distance.

So always be on your guard. Never leave your back turned for too long. And when you’re moving across open space, jump every few steps. This’ll make it harder for an enemy to snipe you from afar.

7. Get to know your weapons

It’s important to know your weapon range. Shotguns work at close quarters, so get nice and close to your foe before you fire one. Other weapons work better from a distance, especially sniper rifles and scoped assault rifles. Always make sure you have the correct weapon armed and ready.

When you really get to know your Fortnite weapons, you probably won’t even bother picking some up. After all, you’ve got a limited amount of space in your backpack. Our least favourite weapons are boogie bombs and stink bombs. And one person in the iD Community office swears that burst assault rifles are a waste of space.

8. Build for victory

Fortnite lets you build barricades and makeshift structures with the raw materials you’ve collected with your trusty pickaxe. This gives you lots of options, and winners tend to be master builders. If you can quickly build a basic structure, then you’ve got a huge advantage over most other players.

Build when you’re under attack. As soon as you hear the sound of a weapon being fired, you should be constructing walls all around yourself. You can then add ramps to climb up and give yourself some height advantage. If you’re above your opponent, it’s usually easier to eliminate them.

9. Don’t be a bush camper

There are a lot of bushes dotted around the Fortnite landscape, and they can be a tempting hiding place for novices. Please don’t do this. If you’re going to improve your Fortnite gaming skills, you need to be building and battling, rather than hiding. Good Fortnite players are constantly on the move.

Have you got any Fortnite tips of your own? How many games have you won? Got a gameplay question? Then add a comment below.

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