International Internet Day

  • 29 October 2019
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Since 2005 International Internet Day is celebrated worldwide on October 29th to commemorate an invention that has quite literally changed the world we live in – the Internet.

It’s October 29th 1969 – a graduate student called Charlie Kline attempts to send the first internet message to his colleague Bill Duvall 350 miles away at Stanford University. He succeeded (on their second attempt) to send the word “login” and the Internet in its first form was born.

Today, the effect the Internet has on our lives would have been unimaginable to Charlie Kline, and it’s impossible to quantify how it has transformed society and what our lives would be like without it. We have access to a whole world of information and opportunity right in our hands – and it’s only getting bigger. A massive 3.5 million people use the internet in some way, be it for shopping, dating, gaming, chatting – almost every area of our lives is impacted by it.

If you’re looking for a way to mark the occasion, why not change all your passwords annually on October 29th? It’s a great way to keep all your online personal stuff safe and secure. What do you do to celebrate National Internet Day? Can you imagine what life would be like without it? Tell us your thoughts below.

4 replies

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To imagine what life would be like without the internet is pretty hard, especially given that it has been around for my whole life! People would definitely socialise a lot more though, that’s for sure.

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@Ryan I agree with that, I don’t know what I would do without the internet. :rolling_eyes: I use it all the time but I agree we would definitely be socialising more. :information_desk_person_tone4:

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We wouldn’t be posting on the iD Community that’s for sure :nerd:

We’d be less effecient that’s for sure, it’s crazy when you think about how much we actualy use the internet for, not just for work purposes, but socialising, healthcare etc!


Without the internet, people would certainly socialise more and it would be a lot more work to get things done!


We’d definitely be using more paper :earth_americas:



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I am from the kind of generation that has experienced both sides of the story. I have experienced internet for the first time in age of 19 until then I had no idea what it is capable of or what it actually do. I was really shocked when I could use mobile data for the first time on mine Sony Ericsson P1i no to say play Counter Strike or MU Online with people from Brazil, USA, Spain , New Zealand and many others. This is how I got my first experience with English language. Yes, internet was the tool that made me wanna learn it. Fast forward to today and I do not imagine that I would ever call fish and chips place to order my food, I have an app where I can do that with just a few taps. I have also got my "Settled Status" approved today and application for it was super easy thanks to the internet. Without it, I would probably need to go to the Home Office for face to face meeting loose hours to travel and carry all my documents with me. Next step is to see what 5G will bring to our world. :)