January Community Newsletter Competition - Closed

January Community Newsletter Competition - Closed

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I don’t want to set any bars too high in fear of looking back on the year and feeling like I failed, haha.

So my simple one is just to be a little more adventurous with my cooking.  It’ll be an easy way to try more new meals.  Time to make eye contact with those other jars of sauces etc in the supermarket shelves and stop choosing the same ol’ usuals.

After being diagnosed with a recurrence of GBM4 (Glioblastoma Multiforme) (brain cancer) in July 2019, I need to cut down on bad eating which was born out of being on steroids for a few months, although not nearly as long as I was in 2016. I want to start getting fit again. I am going to go back to swimming to get my mind and body back to some sort of routine. Thanks for reading and fingers crossed 🤞 🤞😊

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I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions now - too much pressure!

Just to surf as much as possible.

My new year's resolution is to complete my first ever triathlon. This year will be 10 years since I had spinal surgery to repair damage done in an accident. At the time I had no feeling in my left leg from the hip down, no feeling from the knee down in my right leg, I couldn't lift my foot or move my toes and the numbness was spreading due to severe compression of the spinal cord.

Being able to do a triathlon would be an amazing achievement coming from that position. 

Spending more time with my family, I feel I did not do that in 2019!

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Congrats @SugarCakes and @lkstevens 

You’ve been selected as the winners for January Newsletter Competition. You’ve both won a Special Edition Fitbit Versa 2s with Amazon Alexa. ⌚️


Keep an eye out for the email. 

A huge thank you to everyone for taking part in the competition is was great reading your new year’s resolution. :grin: