NOW CLOSED - Competition Day 2 – 4th December 2018 – Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

  • 29 November 2018
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It's day 2 of our 5-day Christmas Giveaway!

‘Tis the season to be on your smartphone! Whether you’re taking pictures of your perfect roasties or chatting to your gran, your trusty phone’s going to be working overtime this Christmas.

To enter day 2 of our 5-day Christmas giveaway, we want you to tell us your best battery saving tip in the comments below!

You've got until 23.59 on the 4th December 2018 to respond, for your chance at winning a Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer!

Don’t forget to check the iD Mobile Community homepage or the 'Competition time - 5 day Christmas Giveaway' sub-forum tomorrow for another tech-tastic competition.

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92 replies

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Always unplug the charges from the phone once the phone battery is fully charge
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Powersaving mode and use less
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Close down your Apps that are not being used, except for the iDmobile App of course! Lower the brightness of the screen, turn off location, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if you're not needing them.
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Close all unnecessary windows, use power saving mode and carry a power bank to top up battery
Turn off location and all windows not being used. NEVER LET YOUR PHONE DISCHARGE..this will prolong longevity of battery. Carry a portable power charger so you are never without power.
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Close any Apps that are not being used.
Reduce brightness of the screen.
Turn off location, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if not using.
Enter Power saving mode
Always remember to shut all apps down properly when putting phone in standby mode
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Shut down apps not in use
Shut down apps you’re not using 👍
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close any apps you’re not using and location services. turn down the brightness of the screen. Put the phone on low power mode to preserve whatever battery life that is left !!
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On iPhone as that’s the phone I always use, make sure that you have a healthy battery in setting batter battery health and if you do or don’t to make it last longer, turn off background app refresh and airdrop as well as turning off notifications for apps you don’t use or want them for as that means that the ouch notification service isn’t constantly checking that app for notifications.
Closing apps that are not in use is one way, charging battery at the lowest works too. Have the phone tel you if things are using more than they should.😉
Only turn on services when you use them (i.e. location, bluetooth, mobile data) and turn them off again afterwards. Close down apps when you're finished with them. And keep screen brightness on auto.
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the screen is the main battery drain; reduce brightness and stop checking phone as often. Also turn off Bluetooth, kill apps and turn off background app refresh on unnecessary apps.
Turn off wifi and data roaming when not in use
Ultra power saving mode and turn down your screen brightness
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Trying to limit Facebook time😳😳
Lower brightness of screen, turn off anything not required. Use a battery saving mode on your phone... or just carry an extra battery!
Power saving mode - shut all apps down that are not in use!!
Turn down screen brightness and adjust screen sleep to the minimum.
Only use GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi when you need them.
Close down all apps you are not using.
Ensure that location is switched off if not needed . And turn off mobile data if using WiFi and vice versa .
Use power saving mode,and always carry a power bank
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Use the auto screen brightness setting
Close any apps not in use. Ensure location services in all Apps are set to be on only when the app is is use (if you want them on). Turn off bluetooth when not used. Turn auto screen brightness off and turn down the brightness of the screen.

Don’t let your kids connect their iPods to your personal hotspot to play PokemonGo for 2 hours.
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Use a Nokia 3310 and the battery lasts about a month, that’s what my Dad does. Haha