NOW CLOSED - Samsung Galaxy Watch Giveaway

NOW CLOSED - Samsung Galaxy Watch Giveaway

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"Lose yourself ", by Eminem, is my favourite song, as it motivate you to go that extra mile. (or even those 8 extra miles :D)
[...] Success is my only *** option,
Failure's not! [...]
Living for the Weekend - Hard Fi

Because I am always living for the weekend, even when working out!
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I Feel Good BY James Brown This song is a classic for a great workout.
If this doesn't get your body moving nowt will 😂
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in these arms by Bon Jovi - it’s a childhood favourite that I still love today when I’m on a rowing machine.
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To set you up for 2019, we’re giving away a Samsung Galaxy smart watch!

For a chance to win, answer the following question with a comment below:

You’ve got one song to work out to for the rest of your life, what is it and why? 🎶

The next time you listen to it, it could be on your brand-spanking new watch. The competition is only open for 48 hours so you’ll have to move fast to enter - on your marks, get set, go!

Competition closes 23.59 on the 8th January 2019.

Click here for the competition T&Cs

'Right Here Right Now' by Fatboy Slim. I'm choosing this because it's such an energetic track, and hearing it always makes me feel like moving. Furthermore, I have heard it played just before kick off at home matches for my beloved Arsenal, which provides me with further determination and inspiration upon hearing it.
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Poison by Alice Cooper
”Loser” by Beck

Guaranteed to motivate, the idea of being a loser constantly
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The Stranglers' Waltzin' Black, because it was our first wedding dance song so always makes me smile!
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Groove Is In The Heart by Deee Lite
If I were to Choose a song to work out to it would be the song nonstop by Drake in his 2018 album scorpion (one of his best) as that would be my attitude an the way into the gym but not when I start 😂😂.
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Congratulations @Jennyrs92 ! You've been selected as the winner of our iD Community Samsung Galaxy Watch Giveaway! 😀 We’ll email you via the address you used to log into the Community to confirm your win. Please make sure you respond to that within 7 days to confirm acceptance. Congratulations again, and thanks to all those who entered! 👍🏼
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@iD Mobile wow! This is so exciting! Thank you very much 🤩😁