Our favourite features on the new Samsung Galaxy A80

  • 19 July 2019
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Our favourite features on the new Samsung Galaxy A80
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The Samsung A80 packs an awesome punch for a low price – here are some the features you can find…

DJ Koh, head of mobile at Samsung, says: “The Galaxy A80 offers premium features for digital natives who want to fully engage in the Era of Live.”

What exactly is ‘The Era of Live’. Well, look around. From Facebook Live to Instagram Stories, YouTube to Snapchat and all-new platforms like TikTok, we’re all streaming bits of our lives in real time.

That’s why you need a phone that’s designed for keeping you keep in touch with the world, and your friends, moment-by-moment.

And that’s exactly what the new Samsung A80 does.

This incredible (and affordable) phone comes with all sorts of features to make it a firm and instant favourite – here are some of the best bits…

What are the Samsung A80’s best features?

We love:
  • The 3,700 mAH battery that lasts the whole day
  • Its 25W Super-Fast Charging – no more hanging around
  • The triple-lens rotating camera with a main 48-megapixel lens, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens and a 3D depth camera – all of that in just one phone!
  • The stunning 6.7-inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED screen with Infinity Display that offers unbelievable clarity
  • The on-screen fingerprint scanner, for unbeatable levels of security
Check out the design, too. The front-facing camera slides up when you need it, then hides away when you don’t, so that the display is uninterrupted and sleek at all other times. No awkward buttons, no unsightly notches, just two smooth surfaces.

The cameras in detail

As if having three top-notch cameras wasn’t enough, Samsung has upped its game with an all-new pop-up selfie cam.

This camera automatically rotates back and forth, letting you capture the action on both sides with zero fuss.

And as for the cameras themselves, expect oodles of quality crammed in. The pièce de résistance is an 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens that gives you a whopping 123-degree field of vision. As a point of comparison, that’s similar to the range of the human eye. With the Samsung A80, you can capture what you see, the way you see it.

The cameras also feature a Live Focus mode for both photos and videos. This lets you focus on the main subject and blur out the background for even more dynamic and life-like pictures and footage.

Speaking of video, look out for the pro-level action camera. It’s super steady and uses the Ultra Wide Camera plus predictive AI to smooth out your videos. You can even shoot live, so no matter where the adventure takes you, you’ll have smooth, dynamic action footage to take home.

What’s going on beneath the hood?

The Samsung A80 packs some mighty hardware, but there’s also plenty of excellent technology going on behind the scenes.

Here are some of our favourite features:

Improve your photos with Scene Optimiser

Touch up your photos using the built-in photo enhancer with up to 30 different automatic modifications. It intelligently improves your photo with modes including food, drink, beach, city, snow and… shoes?

Boost your phones memory with the Intelligent Performance Enhancer

Your Samsung A80 will learn your habits then optimises its processor and memory to suit you, so you’re always guaranteed to get the best – and most bespoke – performance possible.

Measure anything in AR with Quick Measure

This is truly incredible… the pre-loaded app uses the camera and augmented reality (AR) to produce measurements. Whether you’re installing a new sofa and want to know the length of your living room wall, or trying to figure out how far you just swam in the pool, pretty soon you’ll never know how you lived without it!

Keep track of your life with Multi Window

Everyone’s favourite feature is back in the Samsung A80 – stick notes and windows directly to your home screen to make your phone your personal assistant.

Meet Bixby, Samsung’s Intelligent Assistant

Think of Bixby as your tour guide, personal translator and general life coach all in one. Simply tap the Bixby button to activate it, and let it perform functions such as…

Bixby Routines

Bixby will help you get a great night’s sleep by automatically reducing blue lights on your screen and turning on Night mode. It’ll even switch your phone to battery-saving mode if you fall asleep without plugging the charger in. My Routine helps you customise your settings to make sure your Samsung A80 always has your back.

Bixby Vision

Need a menu translated while you’re on holiday? Just point your camera at it and let Bixby do all the work. Want to see how that new fridge will look in your kitchen? Bixby can install one with AR to give you a perfect impression.

Bixby Home

Bixby will learn about your phone habits and put your most-used apps and content right where you need them. It can even pull info from certain apps so that it’s easy to access with just one tap.

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