See here why Georgia Steel chose to switch to iD Mobile

  • 18 July 2019
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iD Mobile’s loyalty queen, the notoriously faithful, Georgia Steel, said: “If there is one thing I am, it’s loyal babes! I am shocked that some people are being more loyal to their mobile network than their partners!

“I know its unlike me but I gotta say it…I am encouraging you to #BeUnfaithful, so dump your current network and switch to iD Mobile. You could save around £212, so it really does pay to be unloyal sometimes!”

Lewis Henry, Head of Customer and Marketing at iD Mobile said: “We live in an age where we have more choice than ever before. From online dating to an increasing number of mobile network providers, there have never been more options available to us, meaning loyalty is becoming a thing of the past.

“For too long customers have been loyal to the same old network, paying for things they don’t use, getting perks they don’t want or need, and not getting anything back in return.

“So, if you want to save money, dumping your network has never been easier. There’s no time to waste…get ghosting and save an average of £212!”

3 replies

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I am trying to convince my uncle to be unfaithful to his provider but he is hard one to crack 😃 he needs wifi calling but his handset is not supported and his current provider gave him some kind of device to create mobile network in his house.

I have already convinced my partner, two friends and manager from work to switch to iD though 🙂 these to weren't difficult when I showed them prices for sim only deals. 🙂
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Nice job @Hikari at already convincing 4 people to switch to iD - a real ambassador! Hopefully you can still crack your uncle!
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Hey @LewisH

Yeah, when company does right by me then I send to spread the word around my friends. I like Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, iD Mobile, CD Project Red and CEX. So I will always recommend these brands over others. This is loyalty that I tend to stick to as long as I am treated well :-)

In the past I was really into Asus product but during IFA 2016 they did not allow me to enter their exhibition so I gave up on them since then.

Kind Regards