The Huawei P30 – best camera phone ever?

  • 12 April 2019
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The Huawei P30 – best camera phone ever?
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Huawei says the P30 “rewrites the rules of photography” and you know what, they might be right…

The P30 comes in two options, there’s the regular P30 and the P30 Pro. So let’s take a look at the P30 before checking out what extras you get from the P30 Pro…

The triple lens setup on the P30 gives you a 40MP wide-angle lens, 16MP ultra-wide lens and an 8MP telephoto lens. Last year’s flagship, the P20, featured one of the best phone cameras of 2018. So with the huge improvements made to the P30’s camera, could this actually be the best phone camera ever?

Let’s take a look…

10x lossless zoom

The P30 combines two new features to deliver an incredible zoom capability.

Huawei has developed a new ‘periscope’ lens stacking system which arranges five hidden zoom lenses inside the phone. They’re stacked vertically with light reflected into the lenses using a 90-degree prism – clever stuff indeed. This means the phone is capable of an incredible 5x optical zoom.

As well as the clever periscope system, the P30 comes with a 10x lossless zoom feature which digitally zooms in. The image is them sharpened by the powerful P30 processor. The combination of all of this tech gives you some incredible results that until now, weren’t possible on a phone.

And Huawei said ‘let there be light’…

A revolutionary new light sensor to be exact. Almost all phone cameras have what’s called an RGB (Red, Green, Blue) sensor, and they do a good job of capturing light from the red, green and blue spectrums. But Huawei doesn’t think a ‘good job’ is good enough.

The P30 uses a radical new RYYB (Red, Yellow, Yellow, Blue) sensor, which is able to capture much more light, especially in low light situations.

Professional looking shots from an all-new Portrait mode

Portrait mode, also known as the Bokeh effect, is when the subject of your photo is in perfect focus, but the foreground or background is blurred. This can deliver some truly stunning shots, making your photo look like it was taken by a professional photographer.

The P30 Pro comes with an extra ToF (Time of Flight) sensor on the back of the phone which scans your whole scene. It then figures out how far from the camera each object is and adds the right amount of blur to give your picture a real sense of depth. And thanks to the powerful processor, all this happens in an instant.

AI-powered selfie shots

We’ve all done it, try to snap a selfie but it ends up coming out as a silhouette, or the background is too dark. Well, the P30 uses AI to adjust the settings on the fly, so it’ll always get the best shot possible. Shooting into the sun? No problem, the phone will adjust the settings so you don’t have to – just point and shoot.

Dual Optical Image Stabilisation for super smooth video

The Huawei P30 combines all those incredible new camera features, like 5x optical zoom, and the RYYB sensor with its new image stabilisation software to deliver some extremely professional looking video.

The dual image stabilisation does an amazing job of keeping the subject of your video steady, even when you’re at full 10x zoom. Perfect for capturing fast-paced action.

Check out what else the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro can do

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