Tips for protecting your phone in hot weather

  • 28 August 2018
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Tips for protecting your phone in hot weather
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While you’re basking in glorious sunshine, don’t forget about your phone. It doesn’t enjoy hot weather quite as much as we do, so keeping it cool is important.

Any prolonged exposure to heat can cause your phone to slow down, and have a huge impact on its battery life. So the big question is, what can you do to protect it? Here are our top tips.

Don’t let your phone get sunburnt

It’s simple. You should never let your phone stay out in the sun for too long.
On a sunbed? Put a towel over it. Chilling in a beer garden? Then find a shady spot, or better still, put your phone in your pocket when you’re not using it. Find any way you can to throw your phone some shade.

Don’t leave it in the car either

There’s a reason you shouldn’t leave pets in a car. With the windows closed, your car heats up in no time, and the results can be fatal. The same can be said for your smartphone. The extreme heat can damage your phone’s battery, and even the processor inside.

Free your phone from its case

When we get hot, we sweat, which cools us off. Sweating is something your phone can’t do, so it just gets hotter - especially if it’s inside a case. Removing your phone from its case will let it breathe, and cool down faster.

Turn off any apps you’re not using

The more apps you have open, the harder your processor has to work. And when you’re working hard, it’s difficult to keep cool. So just make sure you close any apps you’re not using.

Turn on airplane mode

Another good way to keep your phone cool is to put it in airplane mode. It switches off your data, Bluetooth, and connection settings when you’re not using them. You’ll save on battery life, and your phone will stay cooler.

Try not to charge your phone

You’ve probably noticed that your phone gets a little heated while being put to charge. We’d recommend delaying charging it, unless it’s absolutely essential.

Turn down the backlight

Even turning down the brightness of your phone can prevent overheating by reducing battery usage. The battery life of your phone may even last a little longer. Result!

Be less gamey

We expect you’ve felt your phone warming up while you’re playing big multiplayer games like Fortnite or PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). That’s because these games use up a lot of processing power, which makes your phone go into overdrive.
Try to limit the length of time you play for if it’s warm outside. There’s no need to stop playing altogether - just get a feel for how warm your phone is getting, and stop if you feel your handset is getting too hot.

Got any more tips for keeping your phone cool in hot weather? Then share them in the comments below. Or post a question if you’re after some advice.

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