Tips to help you spring into action

  • 26 February 2020
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Tips to help you spring into action
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March 29th kicks off British Summer Time, when the clocks go forward one hour. Spring is a time for feeling good about yourself, wearing bright colours and, of course, spring cleaning. If you’re looking for ways to put a spring in your step, here are a few of our tips.


Longer evenings

One of the best things about spring is the longer evenings. Why not take advantage of the extra daylight and spend your free time getting out and about? Websites like designmynight and The List are full of great ideas for evening adventures.


Another way to make the most of the lighter evenings is to get in training for a fitness challenge. You could sign up for a fun run, half-marathon or even an endurance race. With the extra hours of daylight in spring, you can clock up plenty of training time between now and the summer.


Creating a fitness routine is fun, but sticking to it isn’t always so easy. Check out our list of the 5 best motivational apps to help you stay on track.



In the spring, everything’s bursting into life. And it’s the perfect time to start exercising even going for a short jog around your area. Just keep active and healthy especially when you have been hiding away all winter, now is it the time head outdoors and start exercising again.


Studies have shown that spending just half an hour in a park each week can help lower high blood pressure, not least because fresh air and relaxation outdoors are good for your heart.


There are loads of ways to get active – you could take up running, dust off your old bike or head for the hills with a hiking group. No matter what kind of mood you’re in, you’ll be able to find an activity that’s right for you. If you need some inspiration for how to get started, check out our list of health and fitness apps to help you hit your goals in 2020.

Watch what you eat, and when


In the depths of winter, we all tend to prefer heartier meals. But as the weather gets milder, it’s easier to eat more healthily, with salads, spring veg, and lighter sauces and sides. Spring is a great time to shake off bad eating habits. Your body will thank you, and you’ll feel better knowing that you’re improving your diet.


But before you tuck into your spring greens, remember that with food, as with most things, timing is crucial. Even a healthy meal can give you a sore stomach if you eat it late at night. Having dinner earlier in the evening gives your body more time to digest before bed. And it’s best to avoid spicy or fatty foods late in the day – that vindaloo or pad thai might look tempting, but it could keep you up all night.


If healthier eating is one of your goals for this spring, try using an app to help. Here are our favourite apps to help keep on top of your 2020 goals.

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