Why won't the internet work on my Android phone?

  • 18 October 2019
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Can’t get the internet on your Android smartphone? Then this guide should help. We've covered both Wi-Fi and mobile internet, to make sure you can get online at home or on the move.

How do I connect my Android smartphone to Wi-Fi?

If you're having problems connecting to your Wi-Fi network, these steps should get you online again.

  1. Go into Settings and tap ‘Wi-Fi’.
  2. You should see your Wi-Fi network somewhere on the list. If there's no list, you might need to tap the switch at the top to turn Wi-Fi on. And if your network isn't in the list, you might have a problem with your router.
  3. Check to see if the word 'Connected' is under your network name. If it isn't, press and hold on it and tap ‘Forget’.
  4. Tap your Wi-Fi network name again when you go back to the list, then type in your Wi-Fi password and press ‘Connect’. You'll find the password on the back of your router if you haven't changed it.

Now you should be able to see 'Connected' under your network name. If it's still not working - and you’ve definitely entered the correct password – you’ll need to ask your Wi-Fi provider for help.


How do I get mobile internet on my Android smartphone?

These steps should help you get your mobile internet working.

  1. Open your ‘Settings’ and tap ‘Data usage’ or ‘Mobile data’ (the exact wording varies between makes of phone).
  2. Make sure ‘Mobile data’ is turned on. If it's not working, tap the Menu button (three dots in the top-right corner) and choose ‘Reset to default’.
  3. Pick your mobile network if you're asked to, and the internet settings should come through.


If you still can't see 4G, 3G, H, E or G next to your signal bars, you might need to manually adjust your APN settings. This is the info your SIM card uses to sign-in to your network’s mobile data signal. Here’s how to adjust APN setting on iD Mobile.

Hopefully you’re now online! If you’ve got any comments or questions on this issue, you know what to do - post it below and get the Community heroes involved.

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