cancellation didnt happen and been paying for a year without usingg the sim!!

  • 28 July 2020
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Please can you help,

I asked to cancel a sim over the phone soon after receiving it as Turned out my daughters phone was only compatible with another network .


however I’ve only just noticed the extra ID mobile direct debit has continued for months on end despite no usage ever on that sim!


please could you help with a refund. 

1 reply

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Hi there @Looseleaf 

We’ll message you privately here shortly to take some further details.

All our advisors would leave notes from each call, so if you had spoken to someone there should be notes of the call on your account which we would then be able to use as sufficient evidence here to backdate the disconnection, and issue any refund owed.


If there are no notes on the account, then we’d need you to let us know the number you called from and we can check this against our recorded calls database and investigate it further there if need be.

Without evidence of a call, we’d not be able to issue any sort of refund, as it would always be down to you to notify us if you no longer wanted our services.  Though again, we’ll help you further if you respond to our private message here.